Thursday, April 29, 2010

Touching So Many Lives...

On MAY 16th 2010, New York will host its annual AIDS WALK NEW YORK. Each year my daughter Wendi supports her close friend Vanessa, who lost both her parents to Aids. As is my daughter's custom, she always sends me an email reminding me to help support Vanessa's cause.
Below I have posted the e-messages from both my daughter, Wendi, and her friend, Vanessa.

Hi Everyone ... Vanessa is doing her AIDS Walk again and I am sending this out to anyone who, in this economy, can spare money for a donation, any amount is more than enough. Below is a personal note from Vanessa so you can get an idea of why this is so important to her and that this is just one of many steps in her personal journey. I do hope the link works for you all but if not if you just click on Sponsor a walker and type in Vanessa Felice you will come to her page.
Dear Friends:

As you know, there are few causes nearer and dearer to my heart than AIDS related charities. I'm going ahead with doing the AIDS Walk again this year, despite the tough economic times, and I was hoping that you could find it in your budgets to donate.

I did the walk for the very first time when I was 10 years old, with my sister and the people who worked at the clinic my mom used to go to. The nurses and social workers there were a huge part of my childhood; they were always very kind to me, and I had no idea that it was the first walk that I would do in honor of my mother. Six months later, I lost both my parents to AIDS.

As an adult, I've been extremely passionate about doing the Walk in honor of my parents. They were amazing people: funny and sarcastic and smart and handy (though that trait skipped me over), and they did their best with what little time they had. I think they raised a pretty awesome kid (not like I'm tooting my horn or anything. Nope. NO-SIR-REE) despite their sicknesses, and I enjoy doing the walk in their memory.

Also, I'll share the freebies they give out along the walk. (Seriously. Those weird flavored waters have to be SOMEONE'S taste, and Wendi will thank you for the room in our fridge!)

Thank you so much for your generosity and your time. I've included the link to my AIDS Walk page below. I hope you'll find a way to donate and keep me walking! You'll even get a thank you card, with me all sweaty and red and shiny at the finish line (I might even be able to promise frizz!). I know, your motivation has since increased! LOL

Much love,
Vanessa Felice


  1. How sad that she lost BOTH parents at such a young age. I'll make sure to spread the word to my friends through Facebook!

  2. What a wonderful Friendship and a wonderful cause. I hope she is able to raise a lot of money and I am going off to check out the link, have a wonderful day, T. :)

  3. good post. Such a great cause.

  4. A very great cause! Very sad she lost both her parents.


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