Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shamrocks and muddled thoughts

The past few weeks I feel like I've been running on empty, just getting by on the fumes of my depleted tank.

Today I noticed I lost another follower to my blog...perhaps it's my fault, I haven't been keeping it as updated as I used to, I haven't been hitting the forums...perhaps the follower had a blog of their own and abandon it and with it the blogs they were following...could be they found my blog boring...needs more bead projects?...needs less chatter about me and my little world ? A hundred reasons but whose to say what the real one was or is.
Twice in 2 weeks I've thought about closing my Esty Shop and even putting my blog in moth balls. But there is this never dying optimist in me that always says "hang on" and so I do.
So while I try to sort out my muddled thoughts and feelings I leave you with a touch of sunshine and promises.
Photos above and below...Shamrocks growing wild under the giant oaks near the pond and wetland area of my humble home.

Photo below...huge shamrock leaf. Wonder if I made a wish on it would it come true?


  1. Hang in there .... I have found the key for me is not to "worry " about the length of my blog posts. Some days it is only a few sentences ... somedays it is more.
    Do it for you, not the number counters.
    I love the shamrocks ....

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. :o( I've had followers come and go too, and I've followed and un-followed blogs in turn... but the good thing is about followers, there's always more where they came from!!

    Hopefully you can take a break soon and recharge and come back to things with a brighter outlook and more energy. Those photos are lovely, those little flowers are so pretty!

  3. Very lovely blog and photos! I personally don't like to see constant promoting of etsy shops on blogs. Sometimes just reading a simple thought or viewing a pretty photo such as yours is uplifting to someone who may need a pick-me-up. I'll definitely being following you!

  4. Gld you are hanging in there and keeping your etsy store.
    Those pictures are so pretty! Love the shamrocks!

  5. Hey, thank you for you kind words about my post, and also for following me. Beautiful pictures above. I would love to have some outdoor space like that near me. Any way don't give up. I nearly did once too. Just keep motivated, and keep blogging.

  6. lovely photos! i love shamrocks... i found a four leaf clover once... it was very exciting. ;)

  7. Hey Anna, nice photos, so wonderful to see some sunshine, nearly forgot what that looked like. (rainy and chilly here in the NW :(

    Blogger has been really weird for the passed few months now and a few people I have talked to who were thinking of stopping blogging have taken the opportunity to stop because of that. Also, I do think this time of year we do tend to do a bit of "Spring Cleaning" in every aspect of our lives and re-think our priorities. Blogging is hard work there is no doubt, I have been thinking about writing a blog post about my experience with blogging but it hasn't happened yet. I think the burn out rate is high with blogging.

    I agree with Victoria, there will be more followers to come, you do have a wonderful cheery blog with a mix of interesting topics, hang in there :) T.

  8. I thank you all for the nice comments and the encouragement. It has helped take the "mud" out of "muddled". :)

  9. thanks for the sunshine and flowers..........been experiencing mostly gloom and rain here for over a week.......I know how you feel about followers........I don't have many on my blog, and I don't know how to decorate it or put the extra doodads on I know its pretty boring, but I look at it as an online journal, a place to get my thoughts on "paper" so to speak......more for me than the people that read it, if and when anyone does.......

  10. Hang in there...I think most Etsy sellers question whether they should continue. My suggestion is to keep positive & stay motivated. Good Luck!

  11. thanks for the comment (and follow :P).
    i'm sorry to hear you're down, i think we can all say we've been there a time or two. i've almost second-guessed myself out of this new venture a few times...and i'm not even off the ground yet!
    for me, i am going to do this as long as it brings me more pleasure than pain. i love making things, i would LOVE to love what i do everyday (work-wise), and hopefully, one day, everything will work out the way its meant to.

    best of luck to you! i look forward to reading more about your quest in this crafty world.

    - kel

  12. This looks like fun! I like your blog, your photos, your beading... Thanks for sharing!

  13. Shamrocks have flowers?? Who knew. The pictures are sooo pretty.

    I've lost a lot of my early blogging steam...and just don't get to visit wonderful blogs like yours that often.
    Don't you fret about that 'follower' dropping off, when I do come by & catch up on your posts, they are always a delight.
    (Sicily, ha? And I would love a '64 Mustang like that too.)
    That blue bead bracelet is just exquisite. What a talent you have.

  14. great pics. I'm amazed at how big those shamrocks are!

  15. "I'm looking over a four leaf clover that I overlooked before..."

    Gorgeous photos, the purple flowers are pretty, we pretty much only get white flowers with our clover fields up here.

    Know what you mean, my blog used to be updated at least 3 times a week but I feel so overloaded lately that it has taken a nose dive. I feel like every post for a while there an apology for not posting lol. Funny you mention followers, I haven't looked at that in quite some time either haha. Well I'm not going anywhere regardless of what you post I always love reading it even if I don't get a chance to comment :-)


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