Monday, April 12, 2010

AlyGator's Miraculous Banner Brightening

I have a brand new banner in my etsy shop thanks to the lovely handiwork of none other than our very own and wonderful AlyGator's Everywhere .

I took a trip into Aly's sweet Etsy Shop and couldn't help but notice her crisp, clean, very appealing banner and had to compliment her on it. My own banner was not quite, but almost an eyesore. It was drab, lackluster and had a disheartening grayish tinge to it that made it look dingy and would have been the perfect candidate for that laundry commercial; the one in which a British lady goes around washing people's dingy socks and shirts, making them bright and white again.
Once this wonderful banner was installed I couldn't believe how much more cheerful and inviting my little shop looked.
Thank you Aly ! : )


  1. Cute banner!! Love the bright photos of your jewellery she used. :)

  2. Aw, you are very welcome. It's always refreshing and fun to play with things for other people. Hope it brings in tons of customers.

  3. I like it. Hope your sales go through the roof

  4. That really pops, looks awesome, isn't it amazing how these changes make such a difference, (and make us feel better about ourselves too!) now I think I need to revisit mine :) T.

  5. Ooh love it! Way to go on a job well done Aly :-)


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