Monday, April 5, 2010


It has taken a while to put together all the lovely Hickory cabinets but our entertainment/media center is now finally completed. There were a couple of obstacles that had to be overcome but my very astute, engineer of a hubby figured ways to make things work.

Photo above...One problem John faced with the unit above involved the center section, the unit that contains 4 doors and 2 drawers and sits directly beneath the HDTV. We realized too late that we should have ordered either a longer top section or we should have had them finish off all 3 of the outer edges on the furniture top. Trying to figure out how to fill in the corners to this top section was a real bear...grrrr!

Photo left below...Mitered corner. The front edge was the only edge on the furniture top that was finished off. John had to figure out how to incorporate a mitered corner in order to bring a piece of edging around the sides and cover up the unfinished side edges. Another problem was that things didn't line up 100% so he ended up making the corner section in two pieces and had to route out the back of the longer piece to compensate for the unevenness. Believe me it really would take a detail diagram to explain it all, but now things match and look even instead of out of kilter.

Photo Right above...Of course this did leave some gaps that required a chunk of caulking !
Photo Below...Behind the right doors in the center unit is storage for musical CDs and video DVDs.

Photo Below...One large drawer on the Far Right Tower unit holds video VHS tapes...hey you think that's old ? We also have a cache of Beta Max tapes too ! And we still have the old Beta Max player/recorder. Bet a lot of you are too young to even know what Beta Max was. LOL

Photo Below...Same Right Tower unit, top small drawer is perfect for storing all our old cassette music tapes.

Photo Below...Left Tower unit. One of the large, deep drawers is now home to more of our VHS tapes.

Photo Below...A true Dinosaur...old vinyl LP records. This is John's collection of albums, and yes we do play them every once in a while.

Photo Below Left...Still have lots of storage space as the VHS recorder/player and the DVD player haven't filled up this tower.

Photo Above Right...This tower is pretty much occupied with all the different sterio components, from our "antique" phonograph (record player) to the CD player, the Cassette player, and of course the radio and the amp. Since I mentioned antiques I could mention that, somewhere in our attic , John also has an old reel to reel tape deck.

Photo below...This unit was constructed by John over a year ago. It too is made from hickory cabinet units and it is a lovely and useful part of our dinning area.

Photo Below...Better look at the top section of the dinning room "hutch"...yeah I need to get serious and do some decorating inside those glass doors. Right now my collection of ceramic pitchers is rather hodge-podge.

And as Porky the Pig would say "T-T-T-T-That's all F-F-F-Folks"


  1. I love it! You guys did an amazing job. I'm very jealous of your cool flat screen TV :) When we finally get around to getting an entertainment center, I'm totally having you do it!

  2. WOW! Looks wonderful I bet you guys are happy it is finished.

    Don't you just love those drawers?!

    I had to giggle, we have a collection of Vinyl and VHS tape too, did you know that record companies are now release Artists on vinyl again, it is a new trend, so we are trendy again :) T.

  3. Hooray! It's done! Looks great! Now you can kick back and actually enjoy it. ;)

  4. very nice! You are so organized. I still have vinyl from high school...lots and lots

  5. Those are fabulous pieces of furniture. I would love to have any one of them in my own home. Lucky you.
    Have a great day

  6. Thank you everyone, I always love to read your comments. It is really great to have the project finished and to put away all the media stuff that was stashed in boxes and adding to my house full of clutter.
    I adore you all...♥ ♥ ♥

  7. that is beautiful...and look how organized you are numbered cases and all. You are my hero!

  8. GORGEOUS!! You did an amazing job there John, way to bring it together! The ability to jam on the fly is a necessary evil in construction and he pulled it off brilliantly. I don't have any Beta Max but do remember them. But we also have a huge stash of VHS tapes & vinyl (which sounds so much better than a cd!), some of those I just can't seem to find otherwise so they will be kept.


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