Thursday, April 1, 2010

S_ _ _ Happens !

I admit that for the past day or two I was feeling down because I had received my first neutral but negative feedback. Today I realize that it's true about the saying; "S _ _ _ happens!" and I need to accept the fact that like a coin with heads or tails, life throws us ups and downs. I sincerely thank all of you who gave me a shoulder of support. You are fantastic.

Today I'm accepting the feedback as a valuable lesson to make sure I check, and double check my listings to make sure I have covered everything humanly possible in my descriptions, title, tags whatever.
So on a sunny and happier note I give you a couple of springtime photos.

Photo above...Have no idea what these weeds are called but each spring their flower stalks rise above the grasses and sometimes they are in such dense masses that they form lovely lavender splotches in lawns and along roadsides.

Photo below...Close up of the tiny flowers, each one only about 1/4 inch across. So small they'd make a lovely miniature bouquet for Miss Barbie herself.

I finally managed to capture a couple of pictures of a tiny but beautiful little weed, had to use macro setting and fast shutter speed as the blooms are very small and the slightest breeze causes them to sway. Think I must have taken 30 photos of this wee little weed and most of the pictures were either a lavender blur or at best fuzzy. These were the only two that came out.


  1. I'm sorry about the less than positive feedback :( In my old store, I had one person leave me a feedback that was marked positive, but the actual comment complained about something too. Even though the overall comment was that the buyer was happy, I was very unnerved about the somewhat negative tone. Have you contacted the person to ask what you could have done differently?

    I love your little weed :) For about a week. my SweetPea has been bringing in handfuls of pretty little flowering weeds!

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling sunnier!

    Sweet little flower -- goes to show what beauty can come from a "weedy" beginning!!

  3. So sorry to hear about the neutral/negative feedback, how frustrating for you, but I'm glad to see you're putting it behind you!

  4. Hey take a deep breath and let it go. Some people just like giving bad feedback. I had a lady buy about 10 items she gave positive feedback for everything but two. She gave those a neutral but no words saying why. So how strange is that? LOL
    Happy spring day to you.

  5. Hey Anna, Hopefully the comment will be way down the page soon :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  6. sorry to hear about the negative feedback! you have a nice shop, good luck for the future!

    one spring i let the weeds bloom. i had a lot of them, and left the center of my small yard full of their purples and yellows and whites. it was nice. though. i do mow it now!

  7. So glad to hear you decided to go the other way with the feeling on your feedback! That which does not kill us right? BEAutiful shots of spring flowers. Just goes to show that after a long & dreary winter even weeds can be pretty :-) Have a wonderful Easter! ♥


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