Friday, April 15, 2011

The "Adjustment" continues

I really haven't forgotten about my kitchen "adjustment" that was started ...well, let's just say it started some time ago.
Our counter-top man, Nick Formica, was indeed able to salvage the 2 old pieces of solid surface quartz, counter-tops and meld them into one piece to fit the new work space that we created.  They did a great job considering that they were working with 2 different sections and I can hardly see where they seamed the two together...oh it's there but I have to really look to find it, so I don't really look.  :D  Now we have a bit more elbow room to brew our java (or tea) in.

Photos above and below...this space used to be only about 10 inches across, but since we switched the oven cabinet with the drawers cabinet that had been on the opposite side of our oven, we've gained another 30 inches. Yea !!

Unfortunately the project is not totally done as we decided... ahem, make that I decided...that I wanted a tile backsplash.  You really can't blame me as this tile is all too easy to fall in love with, I can envision it on the wall behind my range. 

How pleasant will it be to gaze on a  country scene of Tuscany as I stir a pot of spaghetti sauce ?  Since we had a section of quartz backsplash that had been on the wall previously, those sections had to be removed.  What a mess it made of the walls but the tile person says that's no problem.  He assures us he will patch it before installing the tile.

So now we're waiting on the tiles to come in.  Meanwhile I can dream of these.

The tiles have a precious matching border of boughs of olives but it would have cost us almost $300 more for the border...I think I can live without nice it must be to have a life where money is no object, well maybe some day. :D


  1. Wow! You gained a ton of inches on your counter...that's fantastic. In my opinion you can never have enough counter space!!

    I LOVE your backsplash choice....reminds me of Tuscany...lovely memories I have from there. :-)

    A shame that the border is so expensive. :-(

    Just a thought, but have you checked ebay? I fell in love with these glass mini mosaic tiles for my fireplace surround, but at almost $50 a piece x 17 I was like "no way". Well a little hunting and I found the same tiles, same colors etc...on ebay...someone had bought too many and I scored them for $15 each...much more manageable and in the budget!

    Can't wait to see the reveal of the backsplash!!

  2. An extra 30" would be like a slice of heaven in my kitchen! I agree with can never have enough counter space!
    The tile backsplash is amazing! I would love to have something like that behind my stove. Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!

  3. First thank You so much for your kind words!!! XO

    Second I LOVE that backsplash!!!! It's amazing what tile costs...sigh...when we moved from our brand new kitchen to here we got something that resembled early bronx pizzaria tile in green gold silver and black EEK!!! I covered it with white spary paint - big surprise! Your kitchen looks great!

  4. Hey Anna, isn't it amazing what talented people there are out there, to be able to splice 2 pieces of counter top tog. I bet you are really happy with the extra space and it looks such a cozy corner to start the day. :)

    I am looking forward to seeing your scene of Tuscany, is it going as a backsplash to your stove top? It will be gorgeous. I am so jealous, the only thing that hasn't been remodeled is the kitchen and the master bath here, wish we had been able to do it before college repayments kicked in. :(

    Oh well, maybe when I'm 90 (He! He!)

    Have a lovely Sunday, T. :)

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  6. The kitchen is looking fantastic! I searched that photo but can't find the seam at all, great job Nick! Those tiles are definitely gorgeous and you just gave me inspiration for a new sample I can create. I have done tumbled tile in faux but never a tile mural, think I'll have to try my hand at this now. If only I wasn't so busy with school I might even get it done this year. Sigh...

  7. It looks ever so nice! Very cool about the seamless seam.
    We did a kitchen remodel in 2006 and got granite tops and the corner seam is definitely there although it's not a bother. We put travatine tiles up the side to the upper cabinets...the remodel guy recommended it and I really like it. The rough texture gives it that Tuscan country house feel (at least it does to me :). I'll have to dig up a photo.
    (the bad part was that the tile guy put grout across all the little grooves...I was so upset at the time and now it's not a problem at - stops the spaghetti sauce from getting into the grooves.)

  8. Anna- Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I appreciate you stopping by:)

  9. I love the cabinetry work! I'm doing research now, as I'm looking to start my newest project of kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia in a few weeks. I think a backsplash is a must - it adds such a nice touch! I agree about how nice it must be to have money be no object...I want to do a fully 1950's-style kitchen, but with the modern touches of a gas range set into a granite countertop, all yellow and robin's-egg-blue appliances, tall diner-style barstools...*sigh. I'll just keep playing the lottery I suppose. lol. Good luck with your projects!!

  10. MasterShake13 - I wish you luck on your kitchen project also. It sound absolutely dreamy. Would love to see a photo of it when it is complete. I clicked on your avatar to see if you had a blog that I could reply to but there was none listed. If you do have a blog or website please let me know as I love to visit those who drop by my blog and leave a comment. Oh and yes it would be great to win a big lottery, let's keep our fingers crossed. :D

  11. LOVE your kitchen! Thinking about painting my cabinets a similar color to yours. Just curious what finish you chose and how it's holding up? Thank you!!
    onyx mosaic tile


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