Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perfection is a Problem

Perfection is my problem but that's a story for another time.  Once again I had a vision, I knew just how I wanted the out come to look like...well pretty much anyway.  At first I played around with the beads and findings getting a feel of where I wanted to go and then I sketched out what I thought it would look like. 
This design allowed me opportunity to use my new wire coiling tool, unfortunately the smallest mandrel that came with my tool was too thick to make all of the springs that the design required so I would have to improvise for the tiniest coils. 

Everything looked well until I actually began putting things together.  It was like driving in a section of town where you've never been before, you think you want to go straight down 1st street and turn left on 2nd avenue, only 1st street does not connect with 2nd avenue and so you go round and round trying to get from 1st to 2nd.

Originally I had intended to use the large 7 mm jumprings (see photo above) to attach the 3 coils and their spacer beads directly to the earring however when I placed everything onto the jumprings the coils stuck out at rather ridiculous angles.  So the hunt for 2nd avenue began!  I decided the coils and spacers (which are tiny - 3mm x 1.5mm - sterling silver flat rondell beads) needed some type of straight object to hang from. 
Well I went down one street and up another and after a couple of different attempts came up with the combination shown above.  A sort of triangular bail that I constructed out of 20 gauge wire and embellished with gold plate wire coils (also handmade by me).  These were attached by way of that hefty 7 mm jumpring to the loop of the earring.  Rather indirect route but now that it's done I find I like the effect even more than the original plan.
Would you like to see more ?

I made all those little coils (or springs) myself, some required the use of a piece of 20 gauge wire as a mandrel in order to get the inner hole small enough and were made with 26 gauge wire so as not to overpower the effect I was striving to create. 
The dark gray beads are hematite capped with tiny silver plated bead caps and threaded on to gold plate ball tipped headpins.
Right now I'm debating whether to list them on Etsy or place them in a local gallery.  I'll probably decide upon the gallery as I find my jewelry sells best where people can actually pick it up and see it, as they say; "up close and in person".  :)


  1. Those are so unique!! I think they would fit in a gallery setting perfectly.

    I loved your analogy of the streets and them not connecting. I think as crafters we've all hit a dead end street a time or two..I know I sure have!!

    They look fantastic!!

  2. Ooh I didn't know you were featuring your work locally, and in a gallery no less, that's fantastic my friend! Congrats! I think you are going to NEED to name these Second Ave. The coils came out beautifully, the entire set came out beautifully in fact! Good luck with them :-)

  3. Oh you really know how to make wire work for you! I love the look and I am sure they feel awesome too! I love the getting around to make it work that made so much sense to me! Can you tell I explore alot?

  4. I definitely believe that perfection is more of a positive than a negative. Clearly that is the case, looking at your work. Beautiful!

  5. Those are wicked cool! I think you need them in a place where people can hold them, because I bet that in person they'd be hard to pass up.

  6. I would say "Gallery" They are beautiful and all that work deserves to be admired in person :)

    I was completely lost in the world of beading on 2nd Ave (He! He!)

    Have a Happy Easter, my Dear, Cheers, T. :)

  7. These are stunning and definitely gallery worthy! We take a lot of road trips and sometimes have to take a round about way of reaching our destination. Almost always, it makes for a better trip!

  8. You will laugh! A few weeks ago I found my coiling gizmo I even forgot I had. Well I had the same issue as you and wanted something smaller so I got a skewer from the kitchen and coiled on that...worked great except you can't get the coil off WOOD!!! I could have kicked myself - what a blonde moment! I even tried snapping the wood figuring I could slide the coil off...pffft...nope.Live and learn.

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments you always make my day when you visit!...and yes I am disgusted with Etsy also - what to do?

    Have a Happy Easter!!! Patty

  9. Patty - LOL - I also learned that lesson not long ago. Those tight little coils have to be made on something hard and slick so they can slide off. Anything else, like wood or even some plastics, and the coil becomes permanently affixed to it.

  10. Hey! These are lovely! And I'll be crushed if you don't join the Bead Soup Blog Party in August -- I have no idea why you said you were shy about it. Your work is incredible, and besides, it's open to ALL levels.

    But seriously -- these earrings are fabulous. Well done!

  11. What great earrings! Way to improvise with your tools to make your vision happen :)

  12. They are beautiful! I'm headed over to your shop to search for a birthday gift for my daughter in law.

  13. I love the use of wire coils! Just a wonderfully unique design. I agree with you, jewelry sells better locally because people can actually see it for real.

  14. hey have you ever thought of doing a give away? i'm not sure you might have already and i missed it but I would love to host one on my blog if your interested!

  15. hey there. Love these earrings. I think they hang well and have lots of intrest in the coils and spacers. I particularly like the industrial feel of the metal shapes with the softness of the pearls. (or are they hematites?)


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