Sunday, April 3, 2011

From The Rubble A Vision Arises

Photo above...New project made from a past "failed" project.  A pair of classic black & white earrings.
Not long ago I was struggling with a project, just couldn't seem to get things to come together, well more like couldn't get them to "stay" together. 

Photo above...The Mess !!  My pile of inspiration and a dream that wouldn't go from vision to reality.

The project was supposed to be a necklace and I was using some handcrafted jumprings that I fabricated from copper filled, silver coated wire however the rings kept opening up.  Twenty gauge wire should have been strong enough but I overlooked the fact that it was a copper core wire, which takes a bit more effort to harden.  Pounding the wire with a hammer worked but it also created a flat jumpring, not the look I was going for.

Anyway, following the advice of a number of my blogging friends, I decided to put the project on hiatus...but!  Yes there's always that "but" isn't there?  But I found myself drawn to those black and white drops that had already been crafted and I hated to bury them in my "to get back to at a later date" drawer I have projects in that drawer that date back to 1999 !!!
Photo above...Black and white Czech glass disc beads that I had made wire wrapped bails for.

Sooo I used those drops along with some new, hardier 18 gauge, ready-made jumprings and fashioned a pair of swinging earrings with them.  The earring hooks are 20 gauge sterling silver and are handmade by me. I like to craft my own ear wires as I can embellish them to suit the design.  Here I've added a small 4mm black glass bead to each wire.

Photos above and below...Finished earrings.  I call them "Day & Night".  They salvaged those neat little disc beads that I had spent so much time crafting bails for and make me feel like that time and effort  was not totally lost.

These have a lot of movement to them and even though there seems to be a number of beads and wire on the earring, they are not at all heavy.


  1. oh these turned out great!! i love what you did with them! well done!

  2. Lovely!!!

    I love the simplicity and elegance that black and white have together...and anything glass, i'm a total sucker for!

    Happy Monday!

  3. I'm not sure why but I always got some sick pleasure ooutof demolishing projects gone wrong. I like version #2 :) It's very...spacey...kinda orbity but maybe that's the science geek in me.

  4. Aly - LOL, you're right photo 2 does sort of look like a new galaxy in the throes of formation...or perhaps destruction. :D

  5. Great save! They look so fun and flirty.

  6. There is no such thing as a failed project - it's merely a beading adventure. I do love the final destination! It's awesome in terms of color and placement. Pearl

  7. Ooh they're gorgeous! I seriously love black & white together, its a classy and classic combo that pretty much goes with anything! Wear them with jeans or a fancy dress. Are you selling these ones?

    Don't you love when the Phoenix rises? I hope you do get back to the rest later, that large bead turned pendant is gorgeous!

  8. Anna, your earrings turned out beautifully. :)

    We must have the same "get around to later" drawer :)

    I have unhemmed curtains from 1992, of course my son grew out of the race cars curtain phase a long time ago, that is my excuse anyway (He! He!)

    Have a lovely Thursday, T. :)

  9. It's earrings as lovely as the ones you made that make me reconsider getting my ears pierced. They look like something a top model would wear while striking a "fierce" pose, but are still toned down enough to fit into an office or street environment. Beautiful work :)!

  10. Congrats on finding AND finishing a project for those lovelies. They look like a whole lotta fun. (And thanks for stopping by my blog - I've een on a 'get-a-life break' lately. Trying to get back into things. We'll see how that goes;D

  11. I love black and white. These are really cute. I like the different lengths. They look like they would have some nice movement when you wear them.

  12. I swear you make the coolest earrings ever! I remember when I wore dangles and fun when I was younger then kids and we all know dangles and little ones make for very sore ears. I am thinking that I should start again. Way to go girl!


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