Thursday, December 22, 2011

Found Treasure ... Wonderful Blogs and Bloggers

For awhile now I've been a follower and reader of KJ's marvelous blog; KJs Beadacious Beads  at .   I tend to follow many blogs but I do have my favorites,  KJ's blog is among those. 

On one of her recent posts KJ explored the problem of small bead storage, those tiny little seed beads that, when spilled, tend to go everywhere and  days or even weeks later we tend to find them lodged in nooks or crannies and sometimes just laying out brazenly in plain sight, right smack dab in the middle of the floor.  I find KJ's solution a great one as I have tried many different containers myself and have found many inferior, either their lids do not stay on (which ends up in those annoying spills) or they are too hard to open, or it is hard to see just what is inside of them. 

Photo above ... Though I have something remotely similar to KJ's solution mine are not individual, they all screw together with only one lid that goes onto the top container, a real pain when I want the beads in the center jar. KJ's containers each have their own lids, a real bonus.  Now I need to go out looking for them, they are made by Darice and Sears (in some locations) carry them.  I look forward to getting rid of this unit above (which is designed for pill storage) and get some with individual lids.


  1. My tiny bead storage is like yours. I would love to have individual containers with their own lids!

  2. When your beads do go everywhere, you can take a vacuum hose, put a sock over it, and vacuum up the beads without losing them. Someone told me this years ago, and it's saved me so much time! And beads.

    Another way you might store beads, if you can't find these particular containers, is to go to the paint section of your local craft store and get some of those little jars for preserving mixed paint. They come with their own lids, and some of them come with little trays, which are perfect for using to work on projects.

    Cheers! Have a fantastic holiday. :)

  3. That is a great solution. One of the things I like about the containers from the bead store is that I can pretty much gauge whether I have enough for a project by eyeballing the container. I would need to perform the tedious task of physically counting out seed beads for a new container system, then marking the container with measurements, until my eye had gotten used to using that container. All that to say, I'm not thrilled with what I use, but don't want to work that hard right now. :) Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. A Christmas present for yourself perhaps? :-)

  5. I am just now discovering this blog post... Thank you for the mention.

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  7. Oh I think storage is an issue for all of us. I still have a fairly small stash but keeping it organized so that I don't loose those precious little seedies is endless!


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