Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disjointed Ramblings

 Turkey Sightings

Our friendly neighborhood turkey has a following of her own .  Whenever we spot her, we notify our neighbors, Linda and Mike (who are avid bird watchers) and whenever they spot her, they give us a call.  Yesterday Linda sent us a couple of photos of the "Turkey Girl", she has even given her a name, Miss TheaDora.
Photo above - TheaDora carousing with the horses.
Photo below - TheaDora glaring at the paparazzi.
Linda's email stated that TheaDora is a pretty girl and probably tasty too.

Old projects:

I know I mentioned that I had a number of projects that have been keeping me preoccupied but now I'd like to say that not all of those projects were new.  I had a number of items consigned to a local small tiny gallery and there were items that had been there a while.  I decided to change a few things out, take them home for reevaluation.  Some of those items, I have to admit, had not come out exactly how I had envisioned and so I decided to re-vamp them . . . reads:  take them completely apart and remake them.  One such item was this herringbone beaded rope necklace.

It was pretty, supple and slinky as a snake, but it was not quite what I had envisioned.  I was trying for a twisted herringbone but obviously did something wrong as the stitch never began to spiral.  So when I got it home, out came the thread snippers and beads began popping off.   I used yards and yards of Nymo and began once again to create a twisted herringbone rope.  This time successfully. 

I know, the change is very subtle, but to me it makes a world of difference.
Below is another Kumihimo bracelet that I'm making, the second of three.  It is just about complete.
The Bollywood bangle that I made is vibrant and pretty, but I personally gravitate towards a more sedate palate and really like the softer shades of peridot green, gold and ivory in this bangle.

And below is a small pile of earrings that I recently finished, some are bead work, some are not.
Are these ALL of my projects?  Well no, not quite.  I still have a whole tray full of things that I either took apart and revamped or brand new pieces and I've a tray full of pieces that have yet to be revamped and projects that are still begging to be started, but I think I've probably flooded you with too much of my stuff already. :D


  1. Reworking something is hard- there is the pain of having to take apart something that you spent a lot of time on and the thought of having to do it again. Congratulations on getting over that hurdle.

    The Bollywood Bracelet is pretty and the colors are just great. However, I personally liked the Bollywood Bracelet you had in your previous post better. Although I generally wear safe colors, I just love the hot vibrant tones of your previous bracelet.

  2. It must be fun to have turkey spotting in you neighborhood. I love watching birds and that would be cool to see.

    You new pieces and revamped pieces look fantastic. I love the bangle, and the color is very pretty.

    Hope you are well,
    Everyday Inspired

  3. How cool to have the wild turkey around!

    Reworking sounds like a lot of work - I know in sewing it is - it means bringing out the seam ripper, NEVER a fun thing to have to do. :-p

    I adore the earrings in the top left corner - they remind of a barbershop pole but in pretty colors! :-)

  4. Hope that turkey survives this TG!

    I must say that revamped necklace is well worth the effort! I too have a box full of projects to take apart and try again!

  5. O, how beautiful -- fluid and serpentine and very rich! Gosh, imagine them with a strapless black column dress!

  6. Wow, Anna, the revamped necklace is gorgeous! The bright vibrant colors of the first Bollywood bracelet is fun, but this one with the softer, muted colors is very elegant. I love them both!
    And I think I would stop everything to watch a turkey in the yard!

  7. It looks like the turkey will be around for a while... pretty and tasty ha-ha-ha... Revamp is good, I've been thinking about doing the same to some of my old brooches. Your bangles got me thinking about taking braiding and beading classes :)

  8. O.M.Gosh Anna, you have so much more patience than me.

    That is so much work but they look so
    beautiful :)

    I hope when they go back to the gallery they sell like hot cakes :)

    Now when you guys say, TheaDora looks tasty, are you guys keeping an eye on her, so you get first dibs for Thanksgiving (jk)

    Have a lovely evening, cheers, T. :)


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