Saturday, February 6, 2010

Does What We Eat Affect Us ?

Can the foods we eat affect how we feel ? Interesting concept, yet so fundamental, simplistic and an intricate part of our lives, that we probably never give it much thought.
One must eat to live however what we eat may well be relative to how we feel; impacting the very quality of our lives.

Photo above taken inside of one of my favorite grocery stores. The Fresh Market's tempting garden of Eden, its lush produce section.

Recently I ran across an interesting blog by Cheryl Grace regarding how certain foods can effect our body chemistry, Grace's blog also features informative highlights of how Feng Shui affects the energy of spaces around us and ultimately affects us personally. Anything from lethargy, to hot flashes may well be the effects from foods that we've consumed.

Cheryl Grace is a professional Feng Shui consultant, a nationally certified Interior Refiner and also a very talented watercolor artist whose Feng Shui designs appear in artwork, accessories and jewelry under the trademark Living Art® Feng Shui. I strongly encourage you to check out Grace's blog, it is both insightful and well written. Her helpful advice and suggestions could well make us feel better, look better and create balance and positive energies in our environment that could well make our lives more healthy, happy, and prosperous.

Photo below was taken in my local Fresh Market... my favorite specialty grocery store.


  1. It is so very true! I really notice how my face breaks out a lot more when I am eating a lot of dairy and not drinking water, my nails & hair feel & look healthier when I consume lots of dark leafy greens (like kale, spinach, etc) and I am always fatigued when I eat red meat so it has pretty much been cut out of my diet now. I will definitely check out her blog, thanks!

  2. Hey Anna, that is a great blog link :) Thanks for sharing :)

    I found out a long time ago I had a lot of food sensitivities and I sure feel it when I eat the wrong foods :(

    Of course I know I shouldn't eat them but things like cheese are too hard to live without all the time.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  3. great blog! I also can tell when I haven't been eating well - I feel so sluggish.

    Bradenton? I used to live in Sarasota.

  4. Oh yes I can tell when I haven't been eating properly! Carbs like breads, pastas, cereals are my downfall. Too many grains products instead of quality proteins, fruits, and veggies! I get sluggish, cranky, and bloat up. So yes--that old adage of we are what we eat is so true!

    Great post!

  5. You are correct!The right diet can make us feel better and happier. when I have more energy, I feel like everything is in harmony! Thank you for talking about such an important topic!

  6. Absolutely!
    If your interested in going a step further, check out "Eat right 4 your blood type". I had some pretty amazing results.


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