Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On The Other Side Of The Fence...

Lately the days of winter have been dismal, gray and cold, not shoveling snow cold but cold for us birds that grew up in tropical climates.

Photo above...taken through the window of our house, this snowy egret wades in the water of our neighbor's pond in search of fresh fish.

Photo below...I think he may have spotted something...and then again maybe not as he flew off shortly after the shutter snapped.


  1. What a beautiful bird. How luck you are to have this photo opportunity! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful egret! We have cranes...but no egrets. He is so graceful looking.

  3. Hey Anna, what lovely photos :)

    Come visit my blog having a "blog love fest" I gave you a blog award :) T.

  4. Hi! I saw you on T's (poppy's place) blog award list! I love these photographs! egrets are so beautiful. I really love your "favorite blogs" sidebar gadget! How did you do that?

    -Erica (acrylicandsteel.blogspot.com)

  5. What a wonderful sight to spot from your window!
    Stopped by to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I am so pleased you like my handmade cards. Please visit again soon.

  6. How graceful...and how lucky for you to see such beauty...right now all we see is snow...snow..snow..which is quite beautiful as well, but is becoming very tiresome...looking forward to warm breezes.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

  7. Hello. You 're a great image capture. Congratulations. Best regards.

  8. I saw this on my blog roll yesterday & loved it. Terrific capture.

  9. I'm always a little jealous of the amazing wildlife you are able to capture there :-) Beautiful & so close!

  10. Caryln and MAB Jewelry...Egrets are lovely birds and I must admit that I am blessed to live in an area that seems to be rich in avian life.

    AlyGartr...Cranes are lovely also. ; )

    T...Thank you so much for your recognition, it is a true honor of which I am very flattered.

    Erica...I just used one of the gadgets that Blogspot has in their Blog Layout section. Check out the options under "add a gadget", there are different ways to display your favorite blogs roll. Have fun.

    Handmade in Israel...Love your cards. I was lucky to be able to shot this photo through the window glass, knew that the Snowy Egret would fly away if I tried to open the back door and step outside. Fortunately the glass didn't seem to affect the picture. Had my fingers cross though, just in case.

    LeShabbytique...We don't have the snow down here but it has been colder than normal. Think everyone is ready for Spring to make it's appearance.

    Istanbuldailyphoto...Thank you for visiting my blog, I feel very honored. Your blog has many, many beautiful photos.

    Tash...I sincerely appreciate your complement. Someday I may take a course on photography as I really get pleasure from all of natures splendor. Many times my photos are more worthy of the delete button, but once in a great while I manage to strike pay dirt and I love when that happens. I am a big fan of your absolutely gorgeous Blog
    Palos Verdes Daily Photo.


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