Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday's Distraction...

Today I'm distracted and can't concentrate on blogging.

My hubby has had several precancerous skin lesions removed over the past few years and therefore he sees his dermatologist frequently to keep an eye on things. About 2 weeks ago he went in for his biannual skin check up and the doctor found something suspicious, a biopsy was taken. The lab results came back with that dreaded C word...cancer. John's dermatologist recommended a special surgeon as the cancerous growth is on the bridge of his nose, making it important that the surgery is done carefully so as not to badly disfigure this prominent facial feature.

Last week John consulted with this specialist and has an appointment for surgery today. Cancer is always a scary word however the surgeon assures us that, if one has to get cancer, basal cell skin cancer is the best one out there, as it's not aggressive and it's easily treatable. So John goes into this operation very optimistic... he also goes into it very grumpy as he can't eat anything for at least 12 hours before the surgery and when my hubby is hungry he is NOT a happy camper.
Hopefully soon I will be able to concentrate on something other than this surgery and blog about happier and more intriguing subjects.


  1. oh dear! thank goodness it is treatable! hope he gets well soon!! ;)

  2. Hey Anna, wishing John well with his surgery and fixing his hunger problem :)

    I had to have a suspicious "Lesion" removed last year, thanks for reminding it is time to make an app. with my derma doc. :)

    Hope all goes well, think of you, sending positive energy, T.

  3. Please take your time and get your husband back on the road to recovery! Grumpy, hungry husbands are a handful any day, but those coming out of surgery need extra special loving! :D

  4. Best wishes to you and your family! - Daniel

    Thanks for following my blog as well.

  5. Oh yikes Anna, i can't believe I'm so far behimd on keeping in touch this passed right over my radar until now. My grampa had basil cell on his nose as well as the top of his head (he was [almost!] bald) and the surgery went fantastic, and this was YEARS ago before the advent of new technologies. I'll keep reading to see how it all went but hopefully fine :-) Should be emailing you with that picture in a few too!


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