Thursday, February 18, 2010

We Are All Valuable Resources...

Recently I've had the honor of working with a very imaginative and creative Etsian by the name of Ros whose shop, designsbyros , features her handcrafted wire work jewelry.

Photo above...One of Ros's lovely chain and wire worked necklaces. Love the colors in this masterpiece!

Ros was interested in a set of my handcrafted beaded beads that I call, BubbleBeads. Which I will discuss later, now however I wish to focus on Ros. As I mentioned she is a very imaginative young lady and she came up with an amazingly brilliant idea: She would make a pair of her hammered wire, handcrafted earrings with my BubbleBeads and place a link in her etsy shop announcement to my etsy shop and I would place a similar link to her shop and the earrings that she created using my beads. What a lovely win win situation !!! Sometimes the simplest and most effective means of promotion is right in front of us and that is using each other as resources. Each of us are indeed valuable commodities and excellent resources for both information and promotion.

Photo above...Ros's hand hammered wire holds my lemony yellow BubbleBeads making for a sweet and fun pair of dangly earrings.
Photo below...My BubbleBeads. These are in pale lemony yellow but I also have some in pale light green.

Photo below, and another view...

The design of the BubbleBeads is not of my origin. I'm sure anyone can go online and find many different version of this little bead, unfortunately the instructions I came across must have decided that this tiny piece of art would only be looked at, never worn, never handled. My first attempts at creating my first few beaded beads were less than stellar...the beads fell apart almost instantly. I understood why but had tried to have faith in the instructions which were...shock and disbelief...WRONG !!! Anyway I adapted and did what was necessary to create a structured and strong beaded BubbleBead. I love them and when they are topped with a jaunty Bali sterling silver bead cap...well what can I say but that they are adorable.

Photo below...Shows different beads capped by beautiful Bali sterling silver bead caps. These lovely caps always remind me of flowers and the dangles pictured below feels like a garden of fantasy flowers.

Ultimately I think we should all keep in mind the high value that each of us has and the vast potential that we can offer one another. Ros of designsbyros I thank you for shining that light my way. :)



  1. Those are GORGEOUS! I love all the yellow

  2. oh those bubble beads are so cute... the shape reminds me of plump raspberries and blackberries! ;)

  3. These are totally too cool! I think I need to find time to learn how to use these very unique beads--or at least learn how to make them!
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful beads!

  4. Those are very cool! I love seeing how different people can use an element in different ways. I especially love to see artists working together and giving each a little support.

  5. Wow those are gorgeous! I love the bubble beads, so different and fun.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm now a follower of yours too! :)

  6. What a wonderful patnership :) I wish you both the best, these items are absolutely gorgeous :)

    Loved your comment the other day, did you get a bull dozer or fire hose? :)

    Hope all is well, T.

  7. What a fabulous idea... you two are like Tic and Tac. ;)
    beautiful work!

  8. Creative Minds Thank you. The yellow always remind me of lemons and lemonade. I'm looking forward to warmer weather where sweet lemonade would be a pleasure to sip on.

    cabin + cub They do look like berries ! Just can't think of any really yellow berries...surely there must be some ?

    Cathryn They're not really hard to make, I think the most difficult part is finding the proper beads to make them with.

    AlyGatr You are so right on that. Ros completely surprised me with her version and I think she made a fantastic and very unique pair of earrings. Love the way she made the little hammered wire bases for them.

    Ritzee Rebel Thanks for the comment and love that you came and took a peek at my blog. BTW your felt work is just adorable !

    T @ Poppy Place Well as you know we are all in this boat we call earth, together...makes life so much more enjoyable if we can work together and give each other a hand whenever possible. And this is something I know that almost each and everyone of us does but we just never stop and think about the full value of this.
    No still haven't decided which would work best at clearing out all my clutter. I did go through the house and sort of gave it a lick and a promise cleaning this morning...but it was more promise than anything. LOL

    Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me
    Tic and Tac. LOL love it. That's what I like about your blog, your keen humor ! :) Hmmm, now you got me thinking. In the game of Tic Tac Tic the X and Tac the O and then who the heck is Toe ????

  9. your bubble beads are awesome. I love your photos, they capture the beauty of them.

  10. Great Teamwork! I love how the etsy community supports each other.

  11. Beautiful jewelry and great pictures! I love the all the earrings!

  12. Oh my goodness Anna those beads are beautiful! I seriously love the last shot with the cap and the red accent beads. For some reason it makes me think carnival, happy fun :-)

    So I have a slew of beads I've been looking to do something with that never sold and I will very, very likely never use. Would you be interested? I'll email you more info :-)


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