Friday, February 26, 2010

A Strange Clouded Sky

It was Tuesday and my hubby was bored. Unable to work in his garage or out in the yard and basically limited to either computer work, reading or pacing back and forth in boredom he suddenly managed to notice things that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. No I'm not talking about the dust bunnies that would make a rare appearance whenever the air handler would kick on or the dust on the coffee table or the smudges on the living room windows. John would peek out side and mention that the robins were in the yard or a flock of egrets or that the sky was filled with strange clouds. Clouds ? Strange ? Out of curiosity I took a glimpse for myself.

Photo above...Clouds like little diamond shaped tufts of quilt batting. Notice the small section of our daytime moon peeking through the clouds ?

Hm, strange indeed. Almost like the sky was quilted, little poufs of clouds surround in blue and not just a small section of sky but a rather large a huge quilt thrown across the

Photos above...A puffy quilt of a sky.

Photo below...And on to the horizon.

It was interesting so I grabbed my dinky little point and click camera and attempted to capture the phenomena.

Wish I could say it was a harbinger of spring and warmer weather but unfortunately there was frost on our lawn this Friday morning. Will winter ever cease ?


  1. I'm glad both of you are doing so well! It's heartening and joyful. I love these clouds...I don't know what it means weather-wise but it's rather phenomenal, isn't it?

    Continued good wishes and warm thoughts sent your way along with *Zen Hugs*

  2. Hang in there, we had some great weather last week that was such a boost, as it is going to rain for the next week, so I think you guys will get some great weather soon.

    I love your photos, what an amazing sky :)

    Hope John is feeling less bored, in no pain and ready to tackle more fun things,

    have a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  3. Wow, those pictures are amazing. This is one thing I love about America. The sky seems larger than here. What a nice pattern. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for following my blog. Would you like to enter my giveaway too? It is one of the 2nd or 3rd post down the blog list. Have a happy day.

  4. I've never seen clouds like those before, how cool! we had beautiful waether here all last week highs in the upper 50's and bright blue skys........woke up tuesday to black skies and down pours.....the usual weather for my little piece of Oregon....last weeks weather was a nice respite from the usual winter time gloom

  5. Gorgeous potos! they are so perfectly patterned! I love looking at the cloud patterns in the sky on a calm and sunny day... reminds me of lazy summer days. ;)

  6. Great shots! The sky so fascinates me :-) Winter...I am right there with you. For the past few days its been 38. Now that doesn't seem so bad but it has also been snowing. Seriously? Is that even possible? Ugh. I want spring dang it lol!


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