Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Tree Grows in Bradenton -

Looking back.   This is a photo I posted in a previous blog post.  It is a picture of  one of our young oak trees and in the photo above, it had been recently planted.  We had almost lost this little oak because the crew that planted it had left a large hole by it's root ball.  Without soil packed around it, the root system began to dry out and the tree leaves started to turn brown and die. Fortunately we discovered the cavernous hole, filled it in with soil and watered the tree well for several weeks.
Photo below was also in an older blog post of mine, showing how much the same little tree had grown. 

Photos below are again of the same little oak tree, taken just a few days ago.  It has grown several feet taller and much more around.  It even had its first bird nest this year - a nest of mocking birds.  John is not at all happy with them as momma mocking bird sings lullabies to her babies at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Photo below is of the same tree, only this time it is from the house looking  back at the backyard rather than from the backyard looking towards the house.

Photo below is of a baby oak tree planted about a year ago.  It was one that grew from an acorn that a squirrel had buried in one of our flower beds.  John pulled it up and it came out with a nice long tap root so we planted it at the far back of  our yard.  It may not look very big but it is now about 6 feet tall.  Guess I should have gotten John to stand beside it when I took its picture.  Yeah, like that's going to happen, John does not like my taking pictures of him for my blog.  Come to think of it I don't really relish having my picture taken either.  Perhaps if I were more photogenic. :)


  1. I'm glad you saved the tree! There used to be a mockingbird at my parents' house that would sing at 2 or 3 AM and it was maddening!!!

  2. The tree looks great, it has really filled out! I remember the first time reading your post about the oak tree on your blog. So cool to see how things grow & change over the years. Kind of like a metaphor for life I guess :-)

    Anyway, not to get all deep on you here...the second one looks terrific too. Hopefully it will keep growing so we can see updated photos of that one in a couple years too!

  3. Wow how quickly it's grown! And so lush and full looking. What a wonderful way to document the growth by taking photos.

  4. grew a tree from a acorn! Amazing...LoL @hubby not wanting to take pics. Mines is the same way. I'll trade you...mockingbird for a dive bombing blue jay. lol

  5. I have family in Florida who always plant their Christmas trees and they do grow so fast and get so big! I was amazed once upon a time, I still think it's neat.

    I like your tree :)

  6. Oh the tree looks beautiful but I can sympathize with John, we have a nearly 200 years old Oak Tree in our back garden with branches with feet of nearly all our bedrooms so the tweeting goes on for a long time, cotton wool gets used a lot this time of year, lol :) T.


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