Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Really Need To Know . . .

Anyone who has made jewelry for the purpose of selling, probably knows just what I am talking about.
You fuss over an idea, fidgeting with components, tweaking things to get it just right and once it's done, it's lovely. . . or so you think. You put it out for the world to see and nobody bothers to take even a glance at it.
It doesn't matter if the piece is displayed in an online shop or loving arranged on a display in an arts and crafts show booth. There are some things that just catch people's eyes and other things that people just ignore. But why?
I'm sure many have asked that question before and I am not the first to have it rattle around in my own little skull.

Recently I fabricated these long, swinging dangles.
It would take several paragraphs explaining all my design decisions, so let me just say, the finished product may look easy-peasy,  but looks are deceptive. 
It required more effort and time than I ever imagined; from making the earring hooks by hand, to hand reaming the holes in the "swinging" magnesite beads, plus I used more 14 k gold filled components than I intended to. All you jewelry makers out there know how very cheap 14 k gold filled wire, findings and beads are - right?

Once finished, I thought they were perfect, so sassy looking and with incredibly smooth movement. Surely they would do exceptionally well on my etsy shop. Wrong !  
I've second guessed myself many times on this design. 
Maybe I should not have used the 14 k gold filled components, perhaps that made them too expensive? 
Maybe they are too long? 
Maybe they are too dangly? 
Maybe watermelon red is totally out of fashion? 
Maybe no one appreciates magnesite? 
Maybe gold is out of favor ?

After listing them in my etsy shop  I did tout them on facebook, promoted them on Craftori, I Support Handmade, Handmade Saturday,  Handmade's facebook page and even went into all of my teams to post  them as my latest listing.  According to Google stats, in the last 7 days there has not been one single, solitary view on these earrings, they sit there with a big fat zero, zilch, goose egg, 0, nada !!!  Not even one accidental, "Oops, I didn't mean to click on that !" view.  I cannot believe it!
I really haven't a clue as to what could be the reason and would be most grateful to hear your comments or feedback as to what I could do to perhaps generate a sale on these or a least some views. I realize my photo's are not spectacular and the pretty watermelon red, which is more pink than red, only shows up in photos that were taken outside under bright sunlight.  Inside, the beads photograph as just plain old red. I tried taking my mannequin outside to take photos on but - well that is another story for any post. :)


  1. I think it's cause they are too long. I used to make long earrings in the 90s but they seem to have fallen out of favour. I haven't had much luck with a lot of my jewelry lately. Styles have changed but b/c I don't like current styles, I continue to make my own stuff.

    1. JoJo, that could well be the reason.
      It is very hard to keep up with trends such as the length of hemlines. One season skirts are barely long enough to cover the girls' behinds and the next season the hems are brushing against their ankles. Jewelry seems to also go through these tides of long and short and then long again.
      Like you I do tend to make things that please my own sense of style and many times I find myself making something that that simply makes me smile . . . like the little froggy earrings and necklace that I made a few months ago that when its listing expired on etsy, rode off into the sunset without a sale and very few views.
      I do realize that this is a phenomena that almost all jewelry makers have experienced and if they haven't, then they are a rare bred indeed and I wish I could join their club. :)

  2. I always wonder what makes one Etsy seller successful as opposed to another... I never think that one really is that much better than another. Sometimes I believe people buy based solely on some arbitrary decision and not how good the piece is.... I happen to think they are very pretty and the long length gives it pizzaz

    1. Thank you. I know how artistic you are (your watercolors are phenomenal) and I think that artistic people are more open minded about different designs, colors and textures. To blessed individuals like yourself, the world is one beautiful palette just waiting to be used to create an amazing masterpiece. :)

  3. I think the earrings are very pretty and I understand your frustration even though I don't make jewelry.
    The earrings are too long for me, as I have a short neck so I need shorter earrings. I also prefer silver over gold. The beads are gorgeous but I don't wear a lot of red. I think you come up with some stunning designs and do impeccable work. I guess no matter what we make and sell, it comes down to individual preferences. It can be very frustrating.

    1. Thank you Annette for the feedback, I appreciate it. :)
      My sister also believes her neck is too short for long, dangle earrings and so she wears either simple studs or tiny dangles that do not exceed 1/2 inch in length, preferably shorter. So I sincerely understand where you're coming from on that issue. ;)

  4. I certainly don't think the problem is the price, Anna, I actually would consider them underpriced for 14K... I've seen a large range of pricing for earrings, with no apparent link to component cost or intricacy of design. As with any item offered for sale, the "right" buyer either will happen upon them, or not. That is the mystery of commerce, I suppose. You seem to have done everything right as far as promotion!

    1. Thank you Monique :)
      There are a lot of people that visit etsy, some are looking for bargains and I've seen a lot of underpriced jewelry on etsy. I've also seen some very up scale and high end jewelry with prices to match and it was surprising to see that some of these shops were doing very well. Wish I knew their secret. :)

  5. The earrings are beautiful! I've gone through & still am going through the same thing. People just browse by, look at your stuff & don't say a word. I could see if they were strangers, but it's family and friends. I'm not asking for them to purchase anything. Just hit the like button & share.

    I get more support from people I've never met, will likely never meet, etc. The same is unfortunately true for certain folk who claim to be friends. You’re a very powerful being, just by yourself. Believe in that, and don’t give up.

    You can’t please everyone in life. It’s impossible. And, a lot of people forget that.
    So don’t bother. Keep focused on what you want to do and why. In an ideal world, we wish we could constantly surround ourselves with positivity. However, we can’t do that, but we can work on ourselves so that we stay committed and positive. Keep your head up!

    1. Sonya, thank you so much for the encouragement, I really needed that. :)

      I totally understand about the lack of support from both family and friends. No one in my family reads my blog, let alone goes to visit my etsy shop. I think they fear they'd go blind if they set eyes on either one and that their hand would fall off if they clicked the "like" button. :D
      My friends are pretty much the same way, and I agree with you that being ourselves and maybe not having the support or fawning of those closest to us, does indeed make us stronger and perhaps more determined to make a go of things. I will try to keep my chin up and my sense of humor too.

      Thank you again. :)

  6. I actually think these earrings are beautiful -- lovely, elegant, not overdone. But of course everyone has their own tastes, and as they say, you can't please em all. Sometimes I think all it takes is your item being seen by the right person, by the right blog, at the right craft fair, etc. But not all of us have time to make that happen right!

    I totally know what you mean by a piece taking "more effort and time than I ever imagined" -- more effort and time than anyone knows, really. And for that effort and time alone I don't think you should compromise on price. I do think many buyers are influenced by the quality of the photography -- I mean, sometimes an item isn't particularly exceptional, but because it's presented in a certain way, it becomes popular -- just look at the Etsy shops that repeatedly make it to the front page (WHY is there so much of that support for sellers who already have thousands of sales?).

    I myself sell more items off-Etsy, largely through word-of-mouth, as I don't do press or participate in any fairs or whatever. I try not to second-guess myself too much, or to stress about numbers -- well, with kids and a day job it's easier not to let the shop overwhelm one's life! Don't get discouraged, stay positive and always keep your individuality -- believe in yourself and your beautiful work *hugs*

  7. I'm not qualified to comment because I don't make jewelry for sale and I don't know the answer(though a couple of pieces got sold, actually) but I was curious to read the comments. I join in all said: don't give up, aim at perfection, do your promotion. I personally love red but found out that red color jewelry doesn't look good on me. However, so many people look gorgeous in red, someone somewhere is looking for this piece right now :)

  8. I don't make jewelry, but can understand your frustration. The same goes for sewing/crafting etc...I think everyone's tastes are so personal that it's hard to please everybody. I think they're very pretty, but for me it would be the length, I tend to like shorter styles - but that's just a personal preference. Kind of the way people are attracted to certain colors, different styles of jewelry attract different people.

    Hugs to you for your hard work!!! :-)

  9. I haven't made jewelry in a very long time (either for sale or just for myself) and I got out of it because I just couldn't justify spending all the time on it when it wasn't my primary focus for my business (when I was running Chucka Stone Designs). I don't think they're too long, gold, or pink/red. They are so beautiful! And you've certainly done your due diligence in promoting them. eCommerce is such an odd thing and with shifts in search engine analytics lately its hard to tell what will get picked up and what won't. I wish you tons of luck in selling these my friend, they should go to a great home & party with the fancy people!

  10. I love those earrings, the color of the stones and that they are long. It is very hard to predict what people will want to look at when they visit your shop. I have many items that I loved and thought would be great sellers and are still sitting there months later. I have come to the conclusion that you cant predict what people are going to like, so just keep making things and putting them out there for everyone to see.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. I think everyone has said it, it is hard to please everyone. I think they are very pretty but then again I am not a bit jewelry wearer anymore. I am so allergic that I can only wear my trust gold earrings that I have had for years.

    On the views, everyone, everywhere has said that May has been a slow month online and in the retail world. I think if you sell flowers, chocolates or cards, May is your month.

    Don't give up but I understand the frustration of spending a long time creating and not getting any views :(

    Have a lovely Weekend, cheers, T. :)


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