Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh What a Tangled Mess

For crafters storage is forever a bane.  How to stash our treasured supplies and not end up looking like the perfect candidate for a future episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive" ? 

Over time I've discovered that what works for one does not always work for the many so I post this tidbit keeping in mind that  some may already know, some may not care but perhaps a soul or two will experience an "Ah hah !" moment and find it helpful.
Beading cable comes in neat little plastic spools, some of those spools also come with a plastic C-shaped sleeve that snaps over the coiled cable and prevents it from unwinding.  These were just too precious for me to toss and I've been using them to spool such things as leather,  rubber or fabric cording on, preventing them from ending up like a bowl of tossed spaghetti . 

Recently I found myself fussing with a length of fine 14 k gold filled chain, it wouldn't stay coiled on the old cable spool.  In desperation and one of those moments of inspirations, I grabbed one of those little plastic bobbins that one uses in Kumihimo work.  Wrapping the delicate chain around the inside center of the bobbin,  I left  a tiny bit of the free end hanging over the outside rim and then snapped the top dome firmly down over it.  Worked like a charm and the bobbin took up far less space in my storage drawer than the old cable spool did.  These bobbins come in 2 sizes,  a small 1 7/8" and a large 2 1/2" bobbin, both are perfect for securing and storing  things like smaller chains, cords, floss, threads and beading cables.  They could possibly be  used to spool up other things such as narrow ribbons and trims or ????  

These Bobbins are available through many sources but I purchased mine through Artbeads  one of my favorite sites for beading supplies as their shipping rate is fantastic (purchase $10 worth of merchandise and it ships free) they do not require you to purchase a minimum amount like $75 or $150 and I can purchase the amount I really need instead of in bulk quantities  (like a kilo of size 15/0 seeds - I have a whole half quart jar full of a bulk buy of tiny seeds beads - used them once in a project and doubt that I'll live long enough to use them all).


  1. Oh you smart girl :)

    Yep, storage is ALWAYS a prob. esp. with big canvases and photos, phew, trying to keep those guys flat and not squished, such an unruly mob they are sometimes, lol :)

    Have a lovely Mother's Day, cheers, T. :)

  2. I saw myself in your craft supply storage hoarder description. lol What a great idea! I've never thought of reusing the spent spools!

  3. Now I wish I had a Kumihimo making set, I was just trying to acomodate some sterling silver necklace chains :) Any idea is welcome, it can always come handy :)

  4. Storage issues for any crafter are always a problem and finding a solution that works is always great!! :-)

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!


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