Friday, May 17, 2013

Art - Mystical - Magical - Surprising

Art  can be found in many places and sometimes that place can be an unexpected surprise.

Yesterday I went to refill some soap dispensers, one had a little bit of pearl white liquid soap left in it so I went ahead and topped it off with the new bottle of clear-ish liquid soap.
This morning as I washed my hands I suddenly noticed the reaction that occurred between the white and clear soaps.  Thought it was very artistic and definitely a wonderful surprise.

I'm sure the phenomena is caused by a difference in weight and/or viscosity between the two soaps. The pearl colored soap is probably lighter and is slowly rising to the surface, given enough time it will eventually form a not so artistic layer across the top of the heavier, transparent soap. Funny how science can take the awe out of things that appear magical. Oh well, I will enjoy the soap art for as long as it last. :)

HERE IS AN ADDENDUM TO THIS POST:  Pearl - of The Beading Gem's Journal suggested a wonderful website that showcases photography of water droplets.  The photos are indescribably wondrous so I post the URL for others to enjoy also.


  1. Love the soap dispenser art even though it was a serendipitous finding! Some photographers go to long lengths just to get fabulous droplet photographs like these

    1. Pearl that's amazing. Cannot imagine how much time and experimentation that must have taken. I am going to add the URL to this post so others who drop by can enjoy the beauty of this photographic art.

  2. So pretty! They remind me of mini jellyfish floating around.

  3. Meeling, they do look like jellyfish don't they. When I first saw the formation it reminded me of those clusters of tiny, long stemmed, white mushrooms that are sometimes in the gourmet section of the produce department.

  4. Have you ever owned a lava lamp? That's what the coloured stuff looks like when it just starts to move within the clear liquid.

  5. That is so cool! I also thought of jellyfish. Thanks for adding the website. The droplet photos are just incredible!

  6. LOVE IT!!! You should mix it with another color. That would be way cool.

  7. I LOVE IT :)

    I agree Jellyfish too :)

    We always have to relate it to something we know don't we, but as an artist, I tell people they really don't have to look for a deeper meaning in my work, LOL :)

    Cheers, T. :)


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