Saturday, May 11, 2013

Upgrades and Uploads and Crucifixes

Over the past few weeks I have been able to fabricate a number of new pieces of jewelry.  Some were simple, others were complex but I cannot say that I found any of them disappointing. 
However the one thing I am disappointed about is the fact that my hubs had to remove the latest Windows update from my PC.  For reasons unknown, it acted as a barricade preventing me from uploading photos into Blogger or even into my etsy shop.  Whenever I tried to add a photo I'd get a pop-up saying that an error had occurred and then it would shut down the Internet.  After John un-installed the new version of Windows, everything went back to normal and I was able to upload photos again.  Hurrah !

The one thing I do miss about not having the new version of Windows is that it ran spell check in every comment box on every website.  Hate to admit it but I am a notoriously bad speller, so yes I truly miss that part of Windows upgrade.

Below is one of my favorite new beading projects - a 3 dimensional, beaded cross.  It is on a russet brown, leather cord which I think compliments it nicely.  The full description is posted in my etsy shop listing.    I just hope that it will get some views and that maybe someone will fall in love with it.

Wish I could have captured the shine and the sparkle of the beads but my very old, little point and click camera just doesn't have that ability.


  1. That's very pretty!! I was just working w/ seed beads the other day and it reminded me why I don't work w/ seed beads much anymore.

  2. Wow, how beautiful and unusual! These beads are so pretty and suit the style well :)

  3. That is so pretty Anna! I think you captured it beautifully.
    I'm glad you can upload pictures again!


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