Monday, September 21, 2009

Bend Oregon...The Jewel of the High Desert

Photo above...In the main lobby of the Ameri Tel Inn is the most spectacular stone fireplace. I always marvel at its height and the fact that it is double sided so guests can enjoy a roaring fire from both sides.

Howdy all...we're in Rock Springs Wyoming...well actually it's Green River. Took some photos here this early evening, hope they look good when I download them and see them on a PC monitor. But that will be for another day, I'm still trying to catch up on all the photos I've taken in California and Oregon, oh yes and Washington too ! Egad, I'm getting behinder and behinder (I'm sure Alice must have said something similar after tumbling down the rabbit hole).

Photo below...the large chandelier that greets guests has a very definite Arts and Crafts look to it as does much of the decor of this magnificent Inn.

Photo below...The main desk with hotel manager Don Seaton helping one of the guests. Don is one of the world's nicest, most congenial and most helpful hotel managers my hubby and I have ever met. He goes out of his way to make each guest comfortable and insures their stay is an enjoyable one.

The lovely Ameri Tel Inn has a number of suites that face spectacular views of the Deschutes River. It also features a lovely breakfast area where one can enjoy everything from bacon and eggs to waffles, muffins, fruit, cereal, well you get the idea. Then in the early evening they set out a large tray of freshly baked hubby always looks forward to that special treat.

Photo below...the breakfast bar

Photo below...A pretty garden area where one can sit and have an iced tea in the summer or hot coffee in the cooler months.

Photo below...The petunias were real show offs !


The Ameri Tel Inn is located in the Old Mill District of Bend. This is a charming area of shops and restaurants that front the Deschutes River. It is also an area very popular with the health enthusiast and you're sure to always find joggers, bikers, and even kayakers getting their exercise and enjoying the beauty of the area.

Photo below...The entrance to the Old Mill District from the Ameri Tel Inn (there are other entrances, but this one is the most convenient for the guests).

Photo below...The original smoke stacks from the old mill now stand as tall landmarks which can be spotted for what seems like miles.

Photo below...View of some of the shops in the mill district.

Photo below...and art is everywhere.

Photos below...The scenic Deshutes River, a favorite with kayakers and canoeist.

Photo below...There was a duck floating in the river...really there was, but just as I snapped the photo he ducked. If you look closely you might be able to spot his little duck tail sticking up out of the water. Guess I was mooned by a duck. LOL

Photo below...Kayaker on the river.

I have many more photos but they will have to wait until tomorrow. All-in-all I just hope that there are a few lovely souls out there that are getting some pleasure from my blog and my photos. Best wishes to you.

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  1. Beeeyoootiful. I wish I were there and not here!!!


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