Friday, September 11, 2009

Sarasota-BradentonAirport...Leaving On A Jet Plane

Above and Below photos...Water feature at our local Sarasota/Bradenton airport, from 2nd floor.

Photo below...water feature with manatee sculpture from different perspective.

Photo below...Tumbling waterfall and fountain jets make for interesting photo.

Two photos below...Close up of bronze sculpture of Manatee (aka sea cow) at top of waterfall water feature.

Photo below...And then there's the area's art scene. Airport poster hyping the upcoming Ringling Art Festival.

John Ringling is known for his Ringling Bros. Circus, and also his contribution to the art culture in the Sarasota and Manatee counties, with the Ringling School of Arts, the Ringling Museum of Art, and the Ringling Circus Museum.
Photos taken Thursday, Sept. 10th, 2009...We were awaiting our plane at our local Sarasota-Bradenton airport when a couple of items caught my eye, the lovely water feature with its bronze sculpture of a Manatee and the poster advertising the up coming Arts Festival.


  1. Fantastic pictures. I LOVE the manatee. Every time I think of a manatee I think of the very silly Veggie Tales song, Barbara Manatee and think of my nephew who from ages 2-4 insisted on hearing it about 20 times per day :) At 7...not so much!

  2. I was the Art Director at the South Florida Museum & Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton (1988 ~ 1992), and I was primarily responsible for the construction and finishing of the model the bronze was cast from. Thanks for appreciating it!

    - Brian Matthews


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