Monday, September 14, 2009

California Mission...San BuenaVentura

Below are photos taken while vacationing in California. These are of the Historic Mission in Ventura, California.

Photo above...the front of the Mission San Buenaventura. The street in front of the mission was closed off to traffic a few years ago and fountains, benches and even a park have been added. When I lived and worked in this pretty city (back about 45 years ago) this street was just an ordinary street and open to traffic...the park was a block of businesses such as a Pep Boys Auto parts store and varied shops. Things sure change, this time it is for the better!

Photos above...View of one of the street fountains and mural on wall depicting Ventura's historic past.

Photo above...full view of fountain, notice that flags are at half mast as this was taken 9/11. The Pacific Ocean is only a couple of blocks away.

Photo above...The small park that now adorns the area across the street from the Mission San BuenaVentura.

Photo above...Mission Bell Tower with the foothills of Ventura in background.


  1. Wow this is gorgeous! I love when towns do stuff like this, remove commercialism and go back to the roots of a place. Nice!

  2. I am also delighted the town has put some money into the mission, to restore it to its original condition and to locate whatever art and artefacts still survive.

    The fountain looks lovely, but was it in the original mission, do you know?

    Thanks for the link

  3. Hels - To my knowledge the large fountains were not a part of the original mission. When the city cordoned off the road that led up from the Pacific Ocean to the mission, they decided to add the fountains, cobblestone pavement, ceramic tiled benches etc and make a grander approach. It was nice to see this lovely jewel displayed in a proper setting.


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