Friday, September 4, 2009

A Journey Awaits...conclusion

photo above...My one and only orchid plant has decided to bloom. I'm grateful that it chose to do so before we left on our excursion, the last time it showed us it's blossom we were heading out the door on our way to the airport. By the time we returned from our trip the blooms were long spent. This time it is allowing us the opportunity to enjoy its beauty.

Continuing from my post of yesterday... Once in Bend, Oregon, we will take possession of the urn of ashes and then, with Vada in tow, we will head north toward Washington state. No, this will not be Vada's final resting place, but this is my moment of dread ! My hubby, John, attended Issaquah high school and his class is having their 50th Class Reunion. Reunions can be taxing at the best of times, but this will a crowd of people I've never met and am not familiar with. Like all reunions this will undoubtedly be the standard issue where everyone sizes the others up.

"Hmmm, doesn't Frank look like he's put on a lot of weight since the last reunion?"

"Hey, wasn't Donna's hair more of a light she's blond, what's up with that?"
"Well at the last reunion Donna was a red head. Guess she's trying to recapture her youth"
"Oh my God ! Bob looks older than my Dad ! And did you see Regina? Man now that's a face-lift if ever I saw one."

We easily spot those extra chins, the paunch bellies, the gray, or worse, balding heads, all the while marveling at how well we've miraculously evaded the touch of old Father Time. There will also be all the old buddies that John hung out with back in his high school days. Guys that were on his bowling team, or his track team; the kids that he took auto shop with, or English lit., or geometry. Old friends, good friends, these buddies from his past, a past that I was not a part of and knew little about.
Shall I also mention that one of those old high school friends will be his high school sweetheart ? She, a flame from his past. She, who time has been so gentle and forgiving with. She, who has the striking good looks of a blond, comely Scandinavian; slender, well endowed, a woman that frequently receives second glances of admiration. Might I mention; she who has recently written and published a book, has been traipsing around the country speaking at book shops, literary clubs, women's groups and interviewed on local television stations and in the press? Against such charm I have as much curb appeal as a wet dishrag! Oh yes (I say sarcastically) I am so looking forward to this class reunion of John's. I will let you know how well I survived when I return.
Once the festivities of the Reunion are past, John and I will drive east through Washington state, down through Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado then eastward into Kansas. Since we will be driving at a leisurely pace this road trip should take us 4 or 5 days, depending on how many diversions we take and how many stops we make along the way.
Upon arriving in Wichita there will be the cemetery to locate. John has already made arrangements, first with the cemetery in Bend to relinquish Vada's remains and also in Wichita where Vada will be interned alongside of her first love. Fortunately there is a family burial plot next to John's father, it was almost as though fate had wanted it this way. Though John and I are both well aware that Vada's spirit is not within that pewter urn, that her soul is free and unconfined, it is nice to know her remains are close to the remains of someone she loved and who loved her. I think she would like that very much.

photo above...Perhaps the composition of my subject matter isn't quite right, but the blossom is still strikingly beautiful. Wasn't able to see the tiny screen on my camera as the sun's reflection made that an impossibility, so I was basically shooting these photos blindly.

I intend to take my camera and hopefully take many photos. I just haven't figured out how I will post the photos to my blog. We don't have one of those fancy cell phones that does just about everything but wash last night's dirty dishes.
If I figure it out I will try to keep my blog updated but if not, then I beg you to have patience with me and not abandon me before my return. My blog is a part of me and you have all become like friends and though we have never met, I feel as if I know each of you.
photo below...a new blossom ready to unfurl its vibrant petals.


  1. I can't believe you are going to be here in Oregon!! :) I haven't been to Bend in years, are you going to be in Portland at all??

    Wishing you well on your up coming trip! Have a safe and (as much as poss) fun trip!

    Regards, T.

  2. Hi T@PoppyPlace -
    When we drive up from California to Oregon we normally take I5 to Bishop, Calif. and then head inland on 97 up to the interior of Oregon. This way is shorter. Once we leave Bend, we'll continue on 97 over to Washington, mainly to bypass Portland traffic, but also because it is a slightly shorter route. I'll be thinking about you as we drive across your lovely state. =)

  3. Travel Safe ... these orchid photos are fantastic ... Write the word "Photographer" on your reunion name badge and walk around taking lots of photos ... that will give you something to do and the others something to talk about... have fun!

  4. Oh my gosh, the orchids are fantastic. Nice job photographing them, the reds, or fushias, came out so vibrant.
    LOL on the reunion - looking forward to reading about the whole trip.
    I like that Veda's ashes will be near her 1st love. I went and searched out my husband's mother's family plot in Rye, NY - something comforting in that.
    Have a wonderful trip...I haven't been in Ojai in years and your previous post is a great reminder to go back to that lovely place.

  5. Reunions! Oh, they are so funny even in terrible moments. I will tell you once, about our reunions. ciao Italo.

  6. Teri - LOL, thanks for the suggestion, sounds like a great idea. =D

    Tash - Your compliment on the orchid photos mean a lot to me, coming from one who's blog photos are absolutely spectacular. I'm still in awe over your "Super Scoopers" shot, that was indeed amazing.
    You are so right , it is a comforting feeling. John and I will be very relieved to know Vada is near someone very dear to her.
    It's nice to hear that you've had the pleasure to visit the scenic Ojai Valley, not many are familiar with that tiny gem hidden in the hollows of California's rolling foothills.

    Italo - Ciao Bello, you always make me smile. I bet your tales about reunions would be wonderfully funny. You must write it as I look forward to reading it.


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