Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out of Washington...

photo above...A gaggle of Canadian Geese following the leader through a parking lot. This was taken from our hotel balcony on a very overcast day. It was early evening and the parking lot is in deep shadow. Also my wee little camera only has 3X magnification zoom lens and this shot required at least twice that...maybe my next camera...I wish !

At the moment we are in America's heartland, Kansas. Land of cornfields, grains, cattle, and sunflowers (to name just a few). However, as has been the case from the start, my blog still lags behind my present location.
My hubby, John, had his 50th year high school class reunion just a few days ago in Issaquah Washington. The reunion went well, though I must admit I knew no one there and was swamped by too many new faces and unfamiliar names. I had thought about bringing my camera to the reunion but as I reached for it, John gave me an expression I have long ago grown to know, after almost 40 years of marriage I would be hard pressed not to understand that slight tilt of his head, the raised eyebrow and the almost imperceptible roll of his eyes. A look that says; "You can't be serious ?" or "Oh no ! Please tell me you're not really going to do that !" In short the camera remained in our hotel room.

photo below...The geese gaggle as they proceed across the parking lot.

photos below...As we start on our journey out of Issaquah, Washington, we stopped to purchase some bottled water. The sky was dark and thick with clouds, except for one small opening in which the morning sun was shining a brilliant shaft of sunlight through. Wish the camera could have captured it as well as the human eye does.

Photo below...At the Selah Creek rest stop in Yakima, Washington. The Cascade Mountain range showed us two tall snowy peaks but were too far apart to get them both into one photo. We think this peak might be Mt. Rainier...but we could very well be wrong!

photo below...and looking to my far left is, perhaps, Mt. Adams

Photo below...This is the bridge we crossed that broaches the gorge of the Selah Creek. Once we exited to enter the rest stop I was wowed by the splendor of this lovely structure...and it's big! The bridge accommodates 4 lanes of traffic and by looking at the 18 wheeler truck on the bridge you get a perspective of the size.

photo below...An interesting bridge throws an interesting shadow into the deep gorge below.

photo below...Steep canyon walls drop abruptly into the gorge of Selah Creek.

photo below...View of the valley with the mountain range behind. A wonderfully photogenic rest area. Oh and the facilities here are nice and well maintained also.

Next posting will be of Idaho and Wyoming and hopefully I'll be home by then and have the use of my own computer and our own dependable Internet connection. Hopefully!


  1. The pictures you did get to take are fantastic!!!

  2. You take some amazing pics!!! I love Canada geese. They are so gentle...even if they do like to eat lawns and leave a big trail of poop :)

  3. Wow, this country is so very beautiful, thanks so much for sharing your photos and adventures out on the road :-]

  4. Jacque4U2...thank you for the nice compliment.
    AlyGatr...Not sure why the duck/geese family is that way. As a kid we used to have a pair of Mallard ducks and it was in one end and out the other. Mom always complained about their constant messes.
    Nancy...Thanks, smiles are always welcomed.
    Jenn...Hope some day soon I'll be reading your road trip adventures and looking at the places you've visited. (Loved that trip you blogged about to that town where the under ground coal fires were still burning after almost 40 years. You did a wonderful presentation on that one.)


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