Monday, March 16, 2009

Egad ! My Computer Just Died.

This weekend my computer was down. For some inexplicable reason the power supply failed or at least some part of the power (converter) supply. All I was left with was a blank screen and a loud wailing siren warning me that all was not well. At least the siren brought my dearest hubby in to see what was going on, saved me the trouble of having to track him down and explain that my computer had died.

Dearest hubby took a look at it, matter of fact he took several long looks at it. Then, after a number of hours, decided it must be the power supply but had no idea how to remove and replace it. So nothing left to do but wait until Monday. Monday seemed so far away. Can’t begin to count the number of times I found myself going to check e-mail only to be greeted by that dark, blank screen. Yep, I'm addicted to my computer correspondence !
Fortunately I didn't go into withdrawal symptoms or suffer D.T.s. The computer guru was able to come out fairly early this Monday morning. He quickly assessed the situation...prognosis, a bad power supply unit...cost of tech’s time plus new power supply, $170...having my computer up and running again, priceless !

Sorry, no photos of dead computer. It was all just too painful.

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