Sunday, March 8, 2009

Village of the Arts

Took a refreshing break from my computer yesterday and day-tripped over to Bradenton's famed Village of the Arts. A friend of mine, Sandra French, was having an exhibit of her stained glass art. Sandy's exhibition was housed in a small studio behind the larger gallery house. Though her studio is small and intimate it is charming and blessed by the fact that it's surrounded by an equally charming garden. Like most artists, Sandra was very optimistic and could envision how she would, eventually, decorate and organize her new studio. To get an idea of Sandra's amazing work please visit her web at
Saturday was my first foray into this enchanting enclave known as The Village of the Arts and treasures awaited me behind every door and every turn. A district of quaint older houses rescued from the ravages of time by the hands of artists and crafters, some homes were loving restored and renovated, others repaired and "Artistically Enhanced".

Perhaps Florida's spat of cold winter weather is finally over as Saturday's temps hovered around the low 80's and the sun felt almost hot, should have brought a hat (and my camera). Ahhh warm sunshine, fresh air, live music and a cornucopia of arts, all wrapped up in the most delightful package of older homes dripping with character, vivid colors and lush landscapes...couldn't think of a grander way to spend the afternoon. Too bad I didn't think to bring a camera but below is a link to that eclectic slice of paradise, should you care to do a bit of exploring. Next time I will bring my camera, and yes there will definitely be a next time.

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