Thursday, March 26, 2009

They're Lovely But....

People’s perception of what they say they want and what they really want are usually very different. Recently I was asked if I could make a pair of "simple, easy" earrings to match a necklace that I had made. Sounds like an easy enough task, right ? Well I made a pair of sweet little dangle earrings (photo below) using gold filled wire, and beads that matched previously stated necklace.
How did they turn out ? Quite lovely...buuuut just a tiny bit too small; "could you make them bigger ? Oh and maybe a little more, well you know, special?"

Oh I was afraid of that. Simple things always tend to grow into something more complex.
So yesterday was spent creating a design for a pair of earrings to match a necklace, of course not just any little pair of earrings but a pair that were "special". Worked yesterday and today on them and as you can see from the photos they are not finished as I have yet to make the gold filled ear wires. Well maybe tomorrow as my eyes hurt and I’ve also broken 2 ultra fine #15 beading needles making a pair of "simple, easy" earrings...all for less than $20...right now I’d laugh but I’m too tried to.
Here is a picture of the original, simple, easy earrings with a bit of gold filled wire work, handmade headpins and a few beads...buuut they were just a little too small ! : )
Would anybody like to buy a pair of "simple, easy" earrings, only $10...not including shipping?

Above photos: top left, is partially completed earring without embellished top.
Photo top right is after embellishment.

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