Friday, March 6, 2009

Morning doves and night owls

To me there are 2 types of people, morning people and night people. Morning folks jump out of bed as soon as the sun breaks over the eastern horizon, they’re happy, energetic and ready to tackle the day. Night people tend to want to throw the covers over their heads and wish that daylight savings time had never been invented. A word of warning, never bother a night person as they stumble around in the dark of the all means just leave them be, at lest until they’ve had their morning shot of caffeine!
On the flip side, true morning doves crash fairly early, don’t expect them to stay up and watch a movie that starts at 10 in the evening and goes until well after midnight, chances are they’ll be nodding off at about 10:30. Night owls may drag in the morning but come midnight they’re ready to fix a cup of "Sleepy Time Tea" curl up with a good book and hope that the sandman will eventually come along and knock them out, especially if they have to get up at 6 to get ready for work !
My husband is a morning dove, I’m a night owl and the one thing he has learned in our years of marriage is to give me a wide berth at the dawn of day. Now who was that idiot that decided to extend daylight savings time ? I’m sure I wrote his name down somewhere as a reminder not to vote for him in the future...was it Sen. Mahoney ? Seems to me it was a name that rhymed with bologna cause that’s what I thought of his idea...also noticed that right after they implemented it that the economy went to hell in a hand basket...coincidence?...ummm, maybe, but I personally think not !
Unusual fog. A thick carpet of fog at ground level, a clear patch in the middle then another layer of fog floating about. Too bad it took me so long to run and get my camera as the layers had been more distinct just 5 minutes earlier.

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