Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Undiscovered Treasure

Went browsing this morning and discovered a new shop, it's always a pleasant surprise to come across a new etsy site that hasn't been heavily visited, much like discovering a hidden garden or a path not often traveled that leads to amazing vistas.
This particular shop features original watercolors, giclee's, prints,and cards, all inspired by nature. The artist, Janet Dosenberry of j dooze designs is gifted, she has a great eye and good memory of what she has seen in nature and has drawn upon that inspiration. I highly recommend a visit to Janet's shop
Pictured is just one of Janet's gorgeous watercolor creations, she offers this as both a print suitable for framing, or as small note cards, making that special correspondence a pleasure to do and a joy to receive.


  1. Gorgeous watercolor! I just love sunflowers...I wish I had a place where I could plant them here.

  2. I love sunflowers!! Grew some ornamental ones in the garden one year. The deer ate them before they could bloom. Hmmmm.
    Love her shop! Thanks for introducing it to us. It is fun finding new shops!


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