Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cameron the Chameleon

Another deviation, or detour if you prefer, from beads and jewelry.

A few weeks ago I noticed an unusual lizard that showed up at our back patio. All other lizards in the area were the drab gray-brown variety, this lizard was green...vivid, bright lime green. I soon discovered that he could also change coloration and was fairly certain we had a little chameleon in our midst. It didn't take him long to get used to our presence and he even allowed me a couple of photo sessions, albeit with slight reluctance.

Pardon the blurriness, I was leaning over a shrub trying to get a clean shot at the little fellow. I unfortunately grew attached enough to name him...Cameron, a slight spin off of chameleon, and a nice enough name.

Notice his very long tail, it crosses over the support beam of our patio screen and it's there that his camouflage has kicked in. I've caught him on a few occasions in shades of brown and once, on a rare opportunity, found him sporting a very dark, deep chocolate outfit...all except for the area around his bottom lip (if lizards had lips) which was bright yellow. It was an amusing almost comic sight and, naturally, I didn't have my camera.

I did worry about little Cameron, the world is a very dangerous place for one so small, and also one at the lower end of the food chain. Many times I watched as the white Cattle Egrets browsed through our yard and I held my breath whenever one would suddenly make a mad dash across the back lawn, heading straight toward our screen and our bright green little chameleon. However Cameron seemed to be quick enough and would dart up high on the screen, well out of harm's way.

One of Cameron's favorite spots was high atop our patio cage, there he would display his colorful what-ever-you-call-it-sac, in attempts to attract insects, which would then become his snack.

I enjoyed watching Cameron and another "standard" alligator lizard I called "Stumpy", as it had lost a portion of it's tail...not just once but twice, poor thing. However for the past couple of days I've not seen Cameron nor Stumpy and I fear that they've ended up being a meal for some predator. My husband, bless his heart, tries to cheer me by being very optimistic; "It's been awfully hot and dry. I bet they've just gone off to a little wetter place where they'll find better insects to catch." I really hope that is the case as I'd truly love to see Cameron grown and sporting his mature crest and chameleon regalia.

Of note, lizard motifs have been used in jewelry for ages. Think I'll look around for either a small pendant, charm or lizard brooch...I already own an adorable frog brooch...would love to be able to find a silver or pewter lizard pin or pendant...oh how about one with gorgeous green enamel work and Swarovski crystal eyes ?


  1. An enamel one with crystal eyes would prob so the trick. And don't worry chameleons like to wander off but they usually stay put if they find a place they like. In my garage theres gotta be 20 and there all see through b/c the walls are white but they never leave,,they love it there.

  2. Oh little Cameron is just adorable! Lizards completely fascinate me, I would have been out there snapping pictures & watching him play all day too :) I agree with your husband if its dry they are off to find water!

  3. Awww, so sweet. I love little lizards. :)

  4. How cool is that! I hope you see him again soon!

  5. Wow, you managed to get great shots of Cameron!

  6. You got some great pics! He's quite photogenice! I wonder if he'll bring you luck?

  7. When I lived in Florida I use to see those little guys all the time!

  8. what a cute little green fellow cameron is. and, how charming of him to allow you to take so many photos! maybe he is meant to be your muse . . . we we see him in some jewelry pieces some day soon?

  9. How lucky to have such a visitor!

  10. I'm not normally a lizard person but Cameron the Chameleon is such a beautiful guy. Thank you for sharing his story with us :)
    Even I hope he's safe and happy at some wet place.


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