Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wanderlust - Rings & Things - and Fantasy Fuchsia

I find my mind wandering this Saturday morning, can't seem to focus on any one thing. Began by trying to organize my stash of Picasa photo files, quickly got side tracked when I came upon an old passport photo that I had downloaded...for what purpose ? God only knows !

I was in my late forty's when this photo was taken, we were living in Quito, Ecuador. Spent almost 6 years in Ecuador and yet never made it over to see the stunning Galapagos Islands, what a shame. Oh there were reasons, there was always a reason, but mostly it was the expense. We had 2 girls in high school and college was just around the financial was an object, an import object at that time. Oh well maybe someday, though I know it sure as hell won't be because I struck the Mother Lode with my jewelry making.

Next I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong, or not doing right, on the Rings & Things blog site. Couldn't seem to leave a comment. I've received their catalog for a number of years now and have had their website on my favorites list for ages, however a couple of years ago we moved, which meant a new Internet provider. Went from Comcast to Brighthouse and everything in between changed, new email account, new email address a ton of people and places to notify. All in all, I hadn't utilized a number of my favorite bead sites in over 18 months so Rings & Things required starting over from scratch, especially since it could not recognize me from my new email address and without a recognizable email address I did not exist !
Once the new R&T account was established I tried again to leave a comment feeling confident that it would no longer be a problem...wrong ! I kept getting the prompt for a User ID...What User ID? Did I have a User ID? I didn't Make a User ID ! Where the Heck is my User ID ? Even went as far as checking my last few Rings & Things catalogs...well there's my account number...oh and look at this two boxes in which to write your "User ID" and that secret password in...Okay so where's that User ID ? Ultimately figured it out, one is required to register for the R&T blog separately, having an R&T account wasn't really sufficient.
Now I have my "User ID", can access the blog and leave a comment, but dang, it took me so long to figure out HOW to finally get to qualify to leave a comment that I forgot what comment I wanted to post ! One very long, deep sigh ! Perhaps it'll come back to me.

A few weeks ago I constructed a pair of seed beaded earrings, fantasy fuchsia flowers. At my last craft show I had several pair of these for sale but they were double fuchsia drops and in more realistic colors, sold all that I had and had special orders for several more pair. They are small but time consuming. This pair are fantasies as I'm sure fuchsia don't come in light and dark shades of turquoise !

I had wanted to add some tiny seed bead branches and leaves near the top of the fuchsia dangles...similar to the branching leaf effect that I constructed on my Magnetic Attraction earrings. Pictured below.

Thought my magnetic attraction earrings were a cute idea as I used small barrel magnets to attach the crystal drops. At the time I had made up a number of different colors...amethyst, peridot, aquamarine, clear crystals, rose-pink crystals, so one could buy a couple of pair and interchange the large crystal, take it off entirely or even get another magnet and make up a totally different drop to attach...perhaps use a charm.
They were very popular at the show but no interest has been shown via my web shop (oh I did get a couple of hearts but not for long).
As I mentioned I had wanted to add the same type of branch and leaf element to the fuchsia flower earrings but made the mistake of asking a forum for their opinions on the incomplete piece. The comments were disheartening. Someone said they looked too childish and maybe a kid would like them, and someone else said that they were not her taste. In all I think there were only about three comments or opinions and since it is said that if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all, I figured no one had anything positive to say and therefore kept their thoughts to, for now, I've lost the desire to complete them.

Well I promised myself that I would tackle the extreme mess and clutter on my work table before it takes on a life of its own. So may you all have a glorious Saturday and a happy weekend.


  1. I hope you have enjoyed your stay in Ecuador. The weather, the colonial cities and the people of this country are just fantastic. Nothing compares to the landscapes of the Highlands, the lush of the Amazon Jungle Forest, the exotic Beaches of the Coast and the mystery of the Galapagos Islands.

  2. Zuri - It would have been hard not to enjoy our time in Ecuador. The weather in Quito was perfect and the country has so much to see and do and purchase. How I miss the flower sellers and the beautiful Ecuadorian roses. I enjoyed your comment immensely...thank you for posting.
    Anna Maria

  3. You do great job! :D that must take a lot of creativity huh? it's great to have not a job, but a hobbies like yours. yea... and i know about moving... i kinda hate moving!:(

  4. Hi Anna Maria, I know this kind of frustration with WordPress blogs. It's happened to me too...sorry our blog is doing it to you! But here's an idea. It sounds like you may be trying to log in to our blog using some password or username that you've previously had on our site. Good news: you don't have to. (Our blog is totally separate from the rest of the website.) Just register as a new user* and you should be able to post comments easily. If you have any more trouble with this, please contact me personally :)

    (@Rings_Things on Twitter)
    *make sure you keep a record of your user name & password! I stash mine in a Word document

  5. Hi, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'd love to feature your work on my blog. My next opening is Wednesday, June 3rd. I'll be sure to contact you a few days before to get pictures and information. Thanks. :)

  6. Hey Dave - thanks for the input. It took me a while but I finally figured it out. So now I'm registered with WordPress and can access the R&T blog plus I re-registered and updated my R&T account (which needed to be done anyway). Thanks again. Anna Maria

  7. M.M.E. I am honored and look forward to being featured on your is wonderful privilege. Thanks a Mil - :)
    Anna Maria


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