Thursday, May 28, 2009

John's Quick Stop Mini Mart...

Tuesday I got side tracked with my blog award and managed to get little else accomplished. Well yes, it’s not like an academy award but to me it’s a big deal and hey it is my very first award, I think I should be allowed to revel in it. Phoned everyone in my family to inform them, sent out e-mail announcements...odd though that the newspaper declined to do an article about it...perhaps they didn’t have the column space...or maybe they thought I said I got a Log Award?

John is making progress on the UFO cabinet...either that or he’s going to open a micro mini hardware/grocery store. He needed weight to keep the plywood skins in place until the adhesive cured.

If Wal Mart can do it on a colossal scale, maybe we can do it
on a microscopic one ?

Mmmmm, stick to your ribs spaghetti sauce and nuts and bolts...yum !

above: hardware and paint section

above: what can you make with mayo, spaghetti sauce and rock salt...tomato-mayo ice cream?

Here we have spaghetti sauce on aisle one, plumbing and paint on the end aisle and mayo on aisle two...I’ll be fine unless the loud speakers blare "Clean up on aisle one !"

First skin is down and dry.

above : one skin down three to go...then add feet...sand...attach doors...paint or maybe stain...

Another skin going down and a new configuration for John’s Quick Stop Mini Mart.

above - sales have been slow, anybody care to buy a box of rock salt ?

Don't need rock salt ? How about a jar of metal pipe parts ?

Groceries to the right...hardware to the left...sort of artistic, no ?


  1. Congratulations on your blog award! How exciting.

  2. This Pantry/Hardware weight system seems to work but it is worth a chuckle.
    Off to see what your award is - congrats from one blogger to another. You have much to teach us.

  3. Teri - Glad it made you smile. I know I laughed every time I walked out into our family room and saw John's "Art". Gotta love em ! :) Anna

  4. actually, you and your prestigious award were on the evening news here in dayton, ohio! i guess the word is spreading. hee hee

    seriously, congrats on your award! you deserve and it is a-ok to feel proud!

    what a project you have going on . . . oh my! mostly the photos made me hungry for homemade ice cream!


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