Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Donut Diet...

A couple of years back I developed a passion for donuts...purchased at least 40 with plans of devouring every single one. Fortunately these were non-fat donuts and also non-edible donuts, yeah I know, what's the fun of that ? Well the fun is when they are beautiful gemstone donuts.

I had taken a couple of wire work classes at the Miami Bead Expo and had gotten the bug for embellished wire and beaded donuts. Had even bought a half-dozen or so assorted gemstone donuts...Black Onyx, Red Jasper, Turquoise etc. With enthusiasm I crafted a number of lovely casual pendant necklaces focusing on the gorgeous 40 mm donuts resplendent with dangling beads, bits of chain, and lots of wire...sterling wire, gold filled wire even warm, lush copper wire. It was the height of the Southwest craze and my pendant necklaces had that hot, spicy southwest flavor that sold quickly. Afterwards I went overboard and purchased, as I mention before, approximately 40 maybe even 50 more in assorted gemstones...all 40 mm. However about the same time I began to notice a wane in the southwest fad so decided to hold off and see if it (the fad) would resume or peter out. Turns out it was definitely ebbing though it would always have it's die hard followers.

Now, a couple of years later, I find myself confronted with my over zealous past appetite for donuts. I have come up with a couple of slider bails made from my favorite Delica seed beads and adorned with a mulligan stew of assorted beads and pearls. I've made the slides large enough to easily fit over a strand of 6 to 8mm beads but I think these tasty donuts would look just as lovely on a simple black cord or a thick chain. Guess that's what makes them so nice, they can be quickly changed from necklace to necklace to create a totally different look...I've always loved variety and a multi-functional piece holds my admiration and respect.

Above: 40 mm Red Jasper Donut with seed beaded bail embellished with freshwater pearls, leopardskin jasper chevrons, carnelian rondells and Czech glass beads all topped with tiny #14/0 Charlotte beads...some in 24kt gold plate. Had to use a #15 beading needle in order to make multiple passes through the tiny beads.
Below: 40 mm Sodalite Donut with it's cool blueberry tones...yummy...think I'll go grab a blueberry muffin !


  1. These are beautiful - love the embellished bails!

  2. Really Rad! Especially if your going for that little special something =0

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Really inspirational for donuts. I like this kind - not the edibly variety! Pearl

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog! By the way, how did you find it? Your pictures are beautiful, and your jewelry looks incredibly professional. I'm working on making my photos clearer...my lighting is always off. So glad I might have inspired you to put on that apron! You might just get me to hit up my local bead store...

  5. We had tons of the chameleons when I lived on the Gulf Coast, but then in California they were all the 'drab' variety you mentioned! Beautiful jewelry, by the way.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. These are just beautiful ! Nice work~ Best to you


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