Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fuchsia Flower Finale

For the past 8 days we've seen little of the sun, the sky has been gray and dark with scattered rain and thunder storms. Though rain and thunder storms are typical during the rainy season it is seldom that we see 8 consecutive days of little to no sunshine. I am not bemoaning these rainy days as Florida direly needed the rain and had been in drought conditions for much too long. Also nice to see the native grasses and even weeds green again.

With the rainy weather it's been difficult to do much in the garden so yesterday was spent on indoor projects. Decided to finish off those fantasy Fuchsia earrings...have my fingers crossed that perhaps somebody might like them...besides me !

above - Fantasy Fuchsia earrings now have their upper stems, leaves and tiny Swarovski flower buds.

above - colors are slightly off in this photo as is the focus, but here the earrings are laying flat
Unfortunately most of these shots are a little fuzzy, really need to invest in a camera stand to minimize any movement. Did look at some online a few months back but the most economical one received a lot of negative reviews and it certainly did look flimsy and unstable. Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and shell out the money for a good one.

above - my favorite photo, it shows off the fuchsia's frilly underskirt and here you can make out the top skirt of pointed petals ... are these REALLY all that childish ?


  1. Wow those are really beautiful!

  2. Thank you all for your kind compliments...they are much appreciated.

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  4. pollicino - You have so many blogs and they are all wonderful. I wish that I understood the beautiful Italian language. I wish my mother had taught me her language long ago when I was una bambina. I still have 2 zie in mia zia di Messina, Sicilia, e la mia zia di Varese, Italia. Ciao Paisano.
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