Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I've Discovered a Bold New World !

I've just discovered a great blog site that's perfect for the novice photographer also super for those much more professional at photography. Since the "Strobist." site has been around for a few years my discovery smacks of an explorer landing in a bustling New York harbor and announcing; "I've just discovered the New World !" However to myself this was a fantastic discovery and I wish to share it with any and all who may not have knowledge of it's existence.

click above to visit the Strobist blog site

Strobist gives wonderful advice on how to light your shot...and it was here that I found excellent, detailed instructions on creating a light box.
Find that info at :
Now I need to absorb their instructions on how to actually use a light box which, according to their blog; "It ain't rocket science". Well maybe not for them it isn't but to me it's more like advanced physics ! Now I'm off to find a good cardboard box, some tissue paper, tape and my razor cutter...oh and make sure I have Band-Aids handy, maybe even a tourniquet, if I don't get myself with the razor, I'm bound to at least get a paper cut.


  1. Well I've never seen it... off to check it out, thanks!

  2. Anna - thanks for your comment. You are so incredibly correct about divine force. My comment before yours was from a girl who attended UVa, vacationed in Duck, and worked across the street from the Duck Cottage! Sorry to blabber -
    Anyway - be safe with your tools, and good luck with your light box!

  3. I'd not come across Strobist before. Excellent recommendation. Just off to check it out.


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