Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Retrospect...Naturally !

In Retrospect I should have named my blog differently...perhaps even; "In Retrospect", though I’m sure that title was taken long ago, as were many other more suitable titles such as "Down the Rabbit Hole" and "Through the Looking Glass".
Humanity has a propensity for embarking upon an adventure and once set sail, we halt, sometimes only a short distance from the dock at other times much further a sea. It is this inherent nature of our species to realize, afterwards, a better course, a fairer passage, we second guess, use hindsight and long for a "do over". And time marches relentless on.

For the past few days I’ve succumbed to Spring Fever, have done very little in the way of designing new pieces of jewelry, haven’t purchased any new beads or findings (truly unheard of for me, a die hard beadaholic). Instead I’ve been found puttering in my garden, pruning away the last remnants of this past winter’s frost damage, planting some seedlings, pulling weeds, and watching in amazement as things seem to grow before my eyes (especially the weeds).

Today I realize that I’ve veered far from my original course with this I had never meant it to be solely a blog about beading but I did have every intention of sprinkling a few morsels of bead work here and there...much like hidden Easter eggs.
So in all this time of fair spring weather I have created only a couple of new pieces, a pair of seed beaded fringe earrings using rondels of carnelian and tiny freshwater pearls. Though I'm pleased with the earrings, I can’t say that I’m pleased with their photos. I’ve been contemplating rigging up a photo light box, have heard it’s easy to fashion one from a frosted, plastic storage box...note to self; "look into self-made light boxes". I’m also very open to your advice or suggestions on this subject so please feel free to post me your comments.

Have also just completed a lovely beaded pendant using a 40 mm gemstone donut of beautiful red jasper...will have to take some photos to post in another blog entry...but the red jasper donut is quite shiny and causes much reflection of light...need that light box!


  1. Beautiful! I like the photos that give a hint of what is to come first, but of course, another one must be in a for sale listing showing all when you list online.

    BTW, I was reading through posts and saw one about your refi. My bank told me we did not qualify for anything special right now, just a little reduction in interest rate. Since we want out of here, we need to do a bit more. He told me to check back MID MAY because MORE programs will be coming out. Be sure to tell your banker you know more programs are on the way! Hope that is of some help.

  2. Thank you Nancy for the info about more financing programs coming out later this month. I will definitely ask my bank manager about it. Real Estate has taken a hard hit the past couple of years, guess that's because it was so overly inflated to start with...and several years back all those home buyers that got caught up in bidding wars sure didn't help things any !

  3. The earrings look great,I fashioned my own box out of foam core board. It wasn't hard at all. As far as shine goes make sure your using the macro and keeping the flash off :)

  4. Good for you for getting out in the garden! It's all about balance...

  5. I have found my posts moving in different directions as the months progress, and I think this only natural. I love your garden photos and think they make a nice respite both for you and the reader. As they always say ~ be true to yourself, and your real inner voice.
    By the way...your earrings are lovely.

  6. I love your take on beaded earrings! Very pretty. Pearl


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