Saturday, July 21, 2012

Artbeads July Design-Star Competition

Just a reminder about  Artbeads-Design-Star  July competition.  The last day to vote  is July 24th so if you have the chance click the link above and take a look at all the lovely entries. For you jewelry designers and makers it's a great source of inspiration.  Also take a glance at my own entry 'Exotic Blue Fuchsia Earrings'  - I won't try to twist your arm to vote for mine but I'd love comments.  :)

Blogger is still buggy today.  Has taken me over 20 minutes to put in one URL link as it kept  messing it up. . .finally gave up and just left only half of the text highlighted by the click link (as it was apparent that blogger was not about to highlight the whole text).  Is anybody else having problems . . . like every time the site goes to save the written post the cursor locks up for several annoying seconds and seems to do so every 15 to 20 seconds ?  Or maybe it's just my PC ?

On a different note - Heidi O'Brien, the amazing writer of the Saga of Etsia, (PartI  and  Part II)  has written a conclusion to her tale, for those of us that like a concrete and very happy ending to our stories . . . you know, those 'and they lived happily ever afterwards'?  I will be posting the finale of her wonderful tale on Monday so please be sure to drop in.  I adore you all and am wishing you a most happy and enjoyable weekend - have fun. :)


  1. wow, this is like a cascading ocean. Truly beautiful.

  2. Try clearing your cache and restarting your computer. Sometimes bugs persist so you have to get rid of it this way. My issue with Blogger is the coding - I keep getting too many spaces in between the paragraphs.

  3. Ana -
    Thank you for the sweet comment. :)

    Pearl -
    My pc just went through diagnostics, which should have cleared out cookie caches but I'll look into that just to make sure. Thank you for the suggestion. :)

    Yes I've had that issue with blogger also. Seems every time I save the post to return to late or use 'preview', Blogger inserts extra line spaces between paragraphs. Most annoying. I know some who use HTML to compose their blog post, but I happen to be HTML challenged. :(


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