Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Jewel by Any Name

Photo - Little Rylee Jade . . . getting cuter by the day . . . and faster.
This post is not going to be about my jewelry, but it does entail a jewel . . . Rylee Jade.
Unfortunately I don't get to see Rylee, my great-granddaughter, very often as both her parents have to work in order to pay the bills and make ends meet. Guess that's the curse of today's fast paced, expensive world.  The only time I get an opportunity to see her is when my daughter, Kathi, Rylee's grandmother, gets to babysit her. 
These photos were taken back in March  and Rylee wouldn't (or couldn't) stay still for anything.  I can't tell you just how many photos I snapped in which she was little more than a smudged blur . . .
Photo above . . . See what I mean ?  She's too fast for my camera.
Photo below. . .This is a bit better but there was always some part of Rylee that was kicking, thrashing or wiggling - in this shot it's primarily her tiny, little feet that are moving.

Hm - today I wish that blogger would have the problem of being too fast.  It is acting horrifically slow and sometimes takes 10 seconds before it will allow me to type a single character so this post took considerably longer to type.  Hate it when I type a whole sentence and find that there is nothing there, only a blinking cursor.  Hope this glitch doesn't last long. 


  1. Oh she is adorable :)

    How awesome to get to hang out with your daughter and great grand daughter too :)

    I do feel for young couples these days as I really do not think they have the choice to stay home with their children anymore :(

    I had weird problems with blogger today too, I had to get my Hubby to help and now I know how to change things in HTML but I know I will forget it in a week, LOL!!!

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Rylee is indeed a precious little jewel! I bet you really enjoy her when you get to see her.
    The 2 necklaces you posted about are absolutely gorgeous! The time, care and love you put into your jewelry is worth far more than any mass produced piece of junk from the resellers. I truly understand the issues you have with Etsy, so I wish you much success this time around. :)

  3. Thank you for your nice comments. The baby is precious!!!

  4. Rylee is so cute! Babies are so sweet when they are that young and so much fun to be around. I hope you get to spend more time with her as she gets older.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. What a cutie!!! I have the same pictures of Tessa - she is never still - I usually have to dangle some sort of food in front of my camera. What do you do with a baby? Bottle???lol

  6. What a mover! I am sure you shower her with love at any opportunity!


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