Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Does My Dashboard Go ?

Okay!  So I'm trying to like the "new" blogger format.  No, honestly, I am really trying, and I admit that some of it I truly like, such as the stats page.  But one thing I do miss is my old Blogger dashboard and the way I was able to easily access it and all the blogs I am following.  But now, the only time I see my dashboard is when I sign in.  As soon as I click to check on comments, stats or view my blog I find myself lost in the woods.  I thought I had clicked on just about everything in sight but, so far, I have not found the way back to my dashboard (other than signing out and logging back in).

Can anyone else on Blogger tell me where in tarnation is that button or link that will take me to my "new" dashboard ???  There has to be a simple way of getting there without clicking out of Blogger and reentering through the back door again.

I also decided, at long last, to give Pinterest a try.  Didn't realize it was so "exclusive" .  I had to request an invite.  Guess I must have been wearing the wrong pair of my cruddy jeans, as after I sent in my request I got a reply that they are still considering it.  So far no other confirmation.  I may be the first person rejected by Pinterest.  Next time I'll be sure to wear a nicer pair of jeans, one with less paint spatters and a few less holes. :D

Oh but PLEASE ... if anyone has a map on how I can return from one page back to my dashboard page, I'd be so very grateful.


  1. Sorry Anna, I have no clue either, I just click button until I find what I need :(

    Don't worry about the pinterest thingy, I think after the first rush most people then had to wait to be considered :)

    Something else, I am not going anywhere near, LOL!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend, and I hope someone is able to tell you how to find your dashboard :)

    Cheers, T. :)

  2. Don't you see it on the top right hand margin? top corner?

  3. I hate it when Google goes changing things without asking us! I briefly tried the new Blogger dashboard, gagged, then reset back to the old one after about 3 minutes - with a huge sigh of relief. I'm hanging on to the old dashboard and if they want me to change it, they'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands, lol.

    Oh, regarding Pinterest: I got into via Etsy. If you have an Esty shop you can get a Pinterest invite pronto (but don't ask me where the button is to do that ;).


  4. T - Thanks. :D I've tried all the buttons and links that I could possibly click and nothing got me back to my dashboard page ... other than logging out and then signing back in. Maybe they don't want us there. lol
    I also find that the list of my blogs that I follow doesn't function the same way as the old format. If I scroll way down to reach the end of the alphabet, those blogs don't even show up. Guess the New and Improved Blogger still has a lot of bugs to work out yet. :(

    Regina - It used to be there. :) But now all that's up on that tool bar is my email address - a link to create NEW POST - a link to DESIGN - and a SIGN OUT link.

    Jan4insight - Gosh I know exactly what you mean. I think I will go ahead and change back to the old format, even though there's that message that warns me it will be gone in a few months. Don't you hate it when they don't ask you if you'd like something or not ? Well I guess they call that progress. :D

  5. When you are in Dashboard under the old settings, just click on any button, such as edit posts, settings, stats... then at the top of the dashboard, just to the left of your e-mail address there is a link to try out the new dashboard. If you are in the new dashboard to switch back to the old click on the gear for settings and "old blogger interface" is a part of the drop down list.

    I use the new interface. I read from Google Reader, which includes all of the blogs that I subscribe to as well as the very few to which I am a follower.

  6. HI Anna thank you for following my blog. I love it here, great posts and content!!! see you soon.

  7. Anna, I am having a hard time finding my way around it as well.

  8. Go to the Design link on top right had menu bar, then click on the big orange B on top left hand corner, that should get you to your dashboard.

  9. Yea, Regina, you did it. If I click on the big orange B on the left of my tool bar, it will eventually take me back to my dashboard. Every so often, depending upon what page I'm on, it will make a stop along the way and I have to click it once again. I would never have thought to click it as it always told me "" so I thought it would take me to the Blogger Welcome Page. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you. This makes my life so much easier. :)


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