Monday, July 23, 2012

Grand Finale - The Saga of Etsia -

The heart of the evil Baron Von Reseller is stuck on being bad - extra bad - for all he loves is making money - lots of money - by hook or by crook.
As promised I'm posting the finale of Heidi O'Brien's Etsia Saga.  Originally Heidi 'hi-jacked' a thread in etsy's forums that was rambling on ad nauseam about the front page wedding banner that etsy is doggedly clinging to.  Many etsians have grown weary of the banner and wish it would be retired.  After several pages of repetitious thread comments saying basically the same thing; "Etsy we're tired of the Wedding Banner - ditch it", in jumped Heidi with her story and suddenly the thread came to life and everyone was enraptured with her tale of Sir Reginald and the evil Baron Von Reseller.  Unfortunately someone in etsy admin closed the thread and disbanded the group of eager story followers. 
Heidi's etsy shop is fairly new, wonderfully novel and intriguingly  interesting.  She is currently working on starting up her own blog.   I highly encourage her to follow through on this for she has a true flair for writing coupled with an, off the chart, vivid imagination.  I'm sure her blog will be a delightful and novel one.
The Count handed Sir Reginald a box containing seashells, glitter and broken vintage earrings.
"No, oh no, mercy good gentlemen, mercy!" the Baron cowered down as far as his cyborg coils would allow.

"No mercy, Baron." Sir Reginald applied the glue and the first layer of glitter with ruthless force. "There shall be no mercy given today. My apologies."
Within minutes the half man, half cyborg once known as the Baron became a crafter's nightmare, adorned with tastelessness and trademark infringements. When he was finished, Sir Reginald wheeled the baron out to the edge of the cliff where the ravens of Regretsia would soon grasp him in their claws of hilarity and take him to their queen. There he would be torn apart by wit and snark of the highest order, a fitting punishment for such as he. "Now to free the brides!"

The two noble friends and the army of Integrity searched the factory high and low. They almost gave up in despair, but a low cry from a hidden cupboard lead them to the prison of the captured Arabella. Her head removed, she was still as beautiful as before.

"Without a face you don't look nearly as sad as you once did!" cried the Count as he threw his arms around her in rapture. But wait! There was her head under a pile of OOAK brass steampunk pocket watches, as thrillingly melancholy as always. Before long, all the brides and their errant heads were found and reassembled with hot glue, and all left the mills of Von Reseller with happy hearts.
"Count, you mustn't let your darling Arabella anywhere near the mills again!" chided Sir Reginald with a wink.
"Let her? I will positively BAN HER from appearing here again!" chuckled the Count. And with that barely serviceable pun thrown in at the last moment, the heroes clinked their swords and went home to tea.

Thank you to all who took the time to read. Heidi O'Brien
I cannot thank Heidi enough for allowing me the privilege of posting her story on my blog.  It was a delightful flight into fantasy and those of us familiar with etsy get and appreciate the satire behind her humor. Thank you Heidi for granting us these moments of ecstatic  entertainment.


  1. This is fantastic! She truly is creative. Wish I had seen the original thread. :)

  2. Heidi's blog will be a success if she can write delightful stories like this!

  3. She is a wonderful writer, I am sure her blog will be followed by many. Thanks for sharing her story on your blog.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Brilliant!! :)

    Love the pun :)

    Keep us posted when Heidi starts her blog :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  5. Hi Anna,

    You have an excellent blog. Keep it up!!

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  6. Unknown - Hmm me thinks you could well be one of Baron Von Resellers compadres. Most likely all your bags are handmade but in order to sell in volumes of 100 and more I would think you'd need a large cooperative ... a very large cooperative.


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