Thursday, July 12, 2012

Donuts - Light on the Hips

Though I must admit I've a sweet tooth for yummy donuts - chocolate, jelly filled, glazed, iced and covered with sprinkles -  I am much better off sticking to the no-fat version of stone donuts as they don't add padding to my waist or girth to my hips.

When I recently reopened my etsy shop, I decided to make and list some pretty but casual jewelry, along with fancier pieces, and what could be more pretty, yet casual than wonderful stone donuts.   And Sodalite, with its denim color is a perfect candidate for casual jewelry.
This donut (pictured above)  is made from the stone, Sodalite and is adorned with sterling silver beads and sterling silver filled wire.  The glass beads are Swarovski crystals and (my favorite)  lovely Czech firepolished beads.  When I first started my jewelry business, the Czech firepolished beads were called "crystals", however that nomenclature was dropped as true glass crystal contains lead and the Czech firepolished beads are lead-free.  So, somewhere around 2000 - 2001, suppliers quit referring to them as crystal.   Crystal or not they are still lovely beads.

Sodalite is a semiprecious stone, maybe not on the same level as amethyst, topaz or even sodalite's more prestigious cousin, Lapis Lazuli,  but sodalite has its own beauty and character that make it ideal for jewelry.   I think this particular pendant would look right at home with a pair of jeans and a simple top.
Photos above and below demonstrate the versatility of the adjustable cord. Short or long, whatever suits the wearer.
 So far most of my stone donut project have involved the larger 40 mm donuts.  I've eyed the smaller, little 15mm donuts, thinking they'd be adorable as earrings or to use as links in a bracelet or necklace.  Have any of my jewelry making, blogging buddies used the smaller stone donuts?  How do you like them and what projects have you used them in?


  1. Gorgeous Anna!! It reminds me of the beach! Love it!!!

    I'm afraid the only donuts I use/eat are the real ones. Hee Hee!! Growing up in Canada we had Tim Horton Donuts - a chain that sadly isn't down here. They had the absolute best donuts around!!

  2. That's so funky, and it could be dressed up or down. I'm SO GLAD you're getting back into jewelry making again, your work is so beautiful it deserves to be in the spotlight!

  3. Love the wire work and bead combination! Yes I have used much smaller donuts for earrings.

  4. These beads can be used to make gorgeous bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Semiprecious Stone Beads jewelry can be used to assert one's personality for self-expression.


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