Friday, July 6, 2012

Still Muddling Through

Photo above-Latest listing Red Jasper and Yellow Jade necklace.

Back in 2009 I began developing an online presence. Granted, I had a vague idea about what I ultimately wished to accomplish but no idea in blazes about what I was actually doing.

You see, I'm of a generation that grew up without cell phones (when mobile phones did come out they were about the size of a brick and weighed at least as much).  My first experience with a video game was Pong and then the whole world changed . . . it seemed to morph overnight into Pac-Man and Frogger and Mario. Changes came so abundantly and at super-sonic speeds that my poor, befuddled brain could not keep up. 

Yet internet progress and communication technology continues to change each moment . . . most of the time I feel like I'm running a race wearing lead boots while everyone else is cruising past me on Segways or zinging by with rocket boosters strapped on their backs.
Photo above-Center features one of Alaska Boro Glass's wonder Glass Rings.

 When I opened my little etsy shop, back in 2009, I tried, honestly, I really did.
I read all the advice and suggestions, like how it was imperative to have a fully stocked shop. Many recommended to fill it up, flesh it out as quickly as possible. Try, they told me, to have at least 100 items in your shop at all times. I spent every second of every waking hour either creating jewelry for my shop inventory, or I was photographing it (very badly I must admit) and writing up descriptions, and shelling out 20 cents per item to list. 

And then I waited . . . and waited . . . and waited, can you hear the crickets chirping? I'd rush to check my emails at least 20 times a day, always hoping for an order. Do any of you recall that feeling ?

Then, after weeks (well, actually in my case about 30 weeks), you finally get that first order. Heavens, what euphoria ! What excitement ! What elation! 
Cripes, what shear terror . . .absolute fright. . .a chaos of anxiety! What am I doing ? How do I process an order? OMG, what if I screw it all up? Mess up my very first order? Make my first customer think I'm a complete Jack_ _ _ _?

But, amazingly, we muddle through it (yes, even I somehow managed).  We pull it all together and that very first, maiden order is lovingly, wrapped, packaged and sent (with all our best wishes) on its way.
Photo above-New listing shown on my headless mannique.  Hm, someday I should give her a name, maybe I should have a naming contest?

Though it does make sense to have a full shop, as it can be a turn off to walk into a store and find shelves bare of merchandise, still, this time I intend to do things differently. I'll take my time . . . list one item a day . . . pay more attention to my photos and descriptions . . . and, I'm sure that when or if I get an order, I will be just as discombobulated as I was back in 2009 when  I opened that notoriously, exhilarating email that read: "Congratulations on your etsy order".   
Best wishes to you all.


  1. I love these bright summery beads as you put them together!

  2. Yes, seems like there is so much advice for running an etsy shop... it is so hard to do it all, since a lot of times they all contradict each other. I still feel like I am trying to figure it all out each day! haha.
    ps. love the "jasper" necklace. ;)

  3. I never read about having 100 items. I find when there are that many items instead of paging through I look for exactly what I want and miss the browsing.

  4. Riorita - thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I love your gorgeous jewelry also, but you are in a league way, way above me, when it comes to making beautiful jewelry.

    Valerie - I agree, there was and still is a lot of conflicting advice going around. Also what may work for one seller doesn't always work for everyone else.

    KJ - At some point in time it was rumored that 100 items was the magic number for an etsy shop, perhaps that rumor was started by etsy itself. LOL But you are so right, when I visit a shop and it has over 30 pages of items, I too am not about to sit and view each and every page. Maybe the magic number should be somewhere around 5 or 6 pages as that seems to be the limit of my attention span. ;)

  5. We all manage to find our way sooner or later! The color combination is just lovely!

  6. Pearl - Yes we do, one way or another. :)
    Glad you like the combination of colors. I was feeling in a summer, sunshine mood and when I saw the Art Glass bead in my bead stash, it became my inspiration. I think this color combo is perfect for both the heat of summer and for transitioning into the crisp colors of Autumn foliage.

  7. Anna, such beautiful colors. I see Saturn right in the middle of your creation

  8. it is very hard to run your own etsy shop especially if you want it to be sucessful. I've read advice upon advice and haven't seen a huge difference. So from now on i will just pray my business will really take off one day

  9. I know what you mean, when I started my shop I spent hours in the forums reading about what I should be doing and how. There is so much information you just have to choose what is best for you and your shop. I think you plan of listing one new items a day is a good plan, that will bring you fantastic results.
    Everyday Inspired
    PS - I loved Pong!

  10. I totally know the feeling!!!!


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